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Alabama Enquirer And Morgan County News
Alabama Enquirer And Morgan County News
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Description: Hartselle Locals

Date: July 21 1887

Newspaper published in: Hartselle, AL

Source: Madison Co., AL Library

Page/Column: Page 3, Columns 1-3

================ Page 3, Column 1 =================
Mrs. D. W. Day will spend the summer at McClanahan’s Springs.

Mr. & Mrs. R. C. Lemay visited relatives at Leesdale Sunday.

Mrs. S. H. Herrin of Cullman is visiting relatives in town.

Mr. Thomas Pride of Decatur was in town Monday.

Rev. Joe Herring, a talented young Baptist minister was in town last week.

Mr. J. W. Henry editor of the Troy Messenger visited relatives in town last week.

Miss Mary E. Hampton of Falkville visited relatives in town Sunday.

Mrs. A. A. Oden is visiting relatives and friends at Falkville and Gandie’s Cove this week.

Hon. Samuel Blackwell of Danville was in town Friday returning from Elkmont where h has been attending District Conference.

Rev. J. P. M. Woodall of Danville was in town Friday returning from the District Conference at Elkmont. He called to see us and subscribed for the ENQUIER.

Mr. Brown Morrow of Six-mile one of the best farmers of that section was in town Saturday, He ordered the ENQUIRER sent to him.

Mr. Edward Morrow a splendid business young man after a pleasant visit to his mother Mrs. Mary E. Morrow and family and many friends returned to his work on the K. C. R. R. near Birmingham.

Mr. Jonathan Orr one of Danville’s substantial citizens call to see us Saturday. He informed us that he had 10,000 acres of fine farming and timber lands for sale.

We call special attention to the advertisement of Messrs. George Dudley & Co. of Decatur. They have a splendid line and parties wanting anything in their line will do well to patronize them.

Our honored friend and teacher Prof. W. M. Wood of Cedar Plains W. M. Wood of Cedar Plains was in town Saturday. He was accompanied by his excellent wife. Prof. Wood reports excellent crops in this section. He subscribed for the ENQUIRER and wished us success.

Major W. J. Sykes of Memphis, Tenn., the great rail road boomer was in town Saturday to see our Gas well. He was perfectly delighted with our location and prospects of becoming a prosperous city. He is deeply interested in building a rail road from Tuscaloosa via Decatur to Cincinnati. If the road is built it will pass through Danville and will run in five miles of Hartselle. We with the road success.

================ Page 3, Column 2 =================
Mr. H. N. Vest of Center Springs was in town Friday.

Be sure and buy a copy of Earth, Sea and Sky from Mr. A. A. Tapscott.

Mrs. Gola McGaugh returned from a visit at Flint Saturday. We are glad to know that she is able to travel around.

Mr. W. M. Stringer of Stringer’s, Ala., called to see us Saturday and renewed his subscription to the ENQUIRER.

Prof. L. S. Witt returned Friday from the District Conference that convened at Elkmont.

Mr. & Mrs. S. H. Morris visited their sister Mrs. Henry Spegle at Falkville Sunday. Who was struck by lightning last week.

Hon. David Day, one of Hartselle’s most substantial citizens paid Cedar Plains a business trip this week.

Mr. Frank Brothers, an intelligent and energetic young man of Flint called to see us Saturday and subscribed for the ENQUIRER.

Dr. W. S. Bean of Gandies Cove called to see us Saturday and subscribed for the ENQUIRER. Dr. Bean is a splendid young dentist and we are glad to learn that he is meeting with success.

Mr. T. L. Baker, one of the prominent young farmers of Danville was in town Friday and subscribed for the ENQUIRER. He reports the prospects for crops splendid.

Dr. S. D. Strickland, one of the best and most enterprising real estate agents on the reliable firm of Strickland, Baker & Wise, Decatur, Ala., was on our streets Saturday.

Rev. A. J. Maddox and Mr. Ed Brooks of Cullman were in town Friday night returning from the District Conference at Elkmont, Ala.

Mr. Will Porter of Apple Grove was in town with his excellent wife enroute for Decatur, where he will make his future home. Mr. Porter before he left subscribed for the ENQUIRER.

Mr. J. B. Britnell, our old reliable and accommodating livery man, with his good lady accompanied by his three little boys. Thomas, Edward and Arthur are visiting their old home near Russellville this week.

Mr. Arthur Brown of Gandie’s Cove was in town Friday we learn that he contemplates drinking at the fountain of Kent and Blackstone, success to him.

We call special attention to the card of Mr. O. Kyle Jr. formerly of Opelika. Mr. Kyle is a splendid young lawyer and has recently located in Decatur and bespeaks a portion of the patronage. He has been practicing for the past six years and was a member of the last Legislature from Lee County and is worthy deserving young man. We wish him success.

Capt. D. S. James called at the ENQUIRER’S office last Saturday and showed us a cabbage and beet from his garden near the Oil City. The cabbage was “a thing of beauty” weighing over sixteen pounds, the beet weighed over four pounds. Capt. James is one of our most enterprising farmers and he demonstrates to the world that our lands are rich for the garden and agricultural products as well as for minerals, oils and gases. Can any man in the state beat these vegetables? If so speak out.

================ Page 3, Column 3 =================
Prof. James E. Peck, that splendid educator and Christian gentleman of Gandie’s Cove was in town Saturday and subscribed for the ENQUIRER. He informed us that he would open his school at Flint about the last week in August. Flint is a splendid location for a good school and we hope Prof. Peck will meet success in his new home.

Mr. J. O. Burleson and wife of Rural Grove visited Prof. L. S. Witt and family this week. John called and subscribed for the ENQUIRER before he returned home.

Rev. Thos. H. Davenport, the excellent and faithful pastor of the Methodist church at this place returned Saturday from District Conference that convened at Elkmont. He reported a large attendance and interesting time.

It is with sadness that we chronicle the death of our old and honored friend Mr. Joel Sandlin which occurred at his residence near Priceville, July 21st, 1887, with malarial fever and paralysis. We will give a more extended notice of him in the ENQUIRER next issue.

Rev. P. C. Morton the Presbyterian Evangelist assisted by Rev. James Lapsley will commence a protracted series of meetings at Fairview church to-day. There will be two services each day and dinner on the grounds. There will also be preaching at Falkville each night.

Rev. Mr. Carter, assisted by Rev. J. T. Evans, is conducting a series of meetings at the Baptist Church. Considerable interest is manifested by the uncoverted and much good promises to grow out of the efforts of these gentlemen in behalf of the cause of the master, and the church will be benefitted thereby. The sermon of Mr. Carter, Monday night, was able, and we think appreciated by the audience. These gentlemen are zealous workers, and the Baptist church will be strengthened by their labors.—Cullman Tribune.

A most enjoyable picnic was given at Macedonia Church in Lanes beat by the good people of that section in the interest of the Agricultural Wheel Wednesday, July the 13th. There was a large attendance and the very best of order. There was a march composed of 78 men. Speeches were made by Mr. ----- Crawford of Lawrence County, Messrs. Riley Smith and B. F. Brothers. The occasion was supplied with splendid music by the Flint string band. There was dinner in abundance and the occasion will be long remembered by all who attended.


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