Springfield Daily Leader
Springfield Daily Leader
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Description: Loyal Raid in Douglas County. One Horse and Saddle Captured.

Date: July 14 1870

Newspaper published in: Springfield, MO

Those who think the late "unpleasantness" is over had better keep away from Douglas county, if they have a good horse and saddle. There it is regarded by the loyal that men who are not Radical have no rights that loyal men are bound to respect. A short time ago the infamous MONKS made war on a New York physician and drove him from Howell county because he was a rebel. The only evidence of his rebellious proclivity was that he wore a gown and smoking cap while enjoying the society of his family. In Douglas county the case is equally as bad. The loyal regard the property of Democrats as lawful prey. The following we learn from a gentleman recently from Arno, Douglas county.

A very respectable and peaceable gentleman named Matt. LAUGHLIN, well known to many of our citizens, lives at the mouth of Beaver Creek, five miles south of Forsythe, Taney county. Having some business in Wright county, Mr. LAUGHLIN was returning from Hartville to his home by way of Arno. When a short distance from the latter place, on the 6th inst., he was met by John LAYTON and his son, who demanded his mule and saddle and forced him to surrender them, because, Mr. LAYTON said he lost a great many horses and mules during the war, and he intended getting them back from d---d rebels. They also told Mr. LAUGHLIN they would not kill him if he promised sacredly never to inform on them; which he of course did, and they permitted him to resume his way as best he could, on foot.

LAYTON lived in this county until a few years ago, when he removed to Douglas county. During the war he fought rebels by seizing and confiscating their property and appropriating it to his own use. He is in favor of HAVENS for Congress. "A fellow feeling makes us wondrous kind."

Mr. LAUGHLIN is also well known. During the war he was regarded as a good citizen, remaining at home and attending to his business. His honesty or integrity has never been questioned. LAYTON is simply a highway robber, seeking some justification for his conduct, and not knowing the war is over he thought the charge of rebel best.

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