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Alabama Enquirer And Morgan County News
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Description: Personals

Date: January 19 1888

Newspaper published in: Hartselle, AL

Source: Madison Co., AL Library

Page/Column: Page 5, Columns 1-3

================ Page 5, Column 1 =================
[Transcription Note: The left edge of this page appears to be bound with that makes the first few characters of each line illegible.]
Our jovial friend Mr. J. M. ___s paid Moulton a business this week.

Mr. T. A. Strain, a good citizen of Walnut Grove, subscribed for the ENQUIRER this week.

Hon. W. H. Simpson went to __ __on this week to measure __ __s in a lawsuit at that place.

Mr. J. P. Cain, the popular manager of the “Hartselle Hotel” visited Decatur last Saturday.

Mr. J. W. Strain, a prominent young merchant of Elkmont, __ was in town last week on business.

Mr. Wm. Fowler, of Somerville, the efficient clerk in the Probate Judge’s office, was in __ last Friday.

Mr. J. B. West and S. L. __ree attended the meeting of the board of Medical Cencors at Decatur Monday.

Mr. J. J. Sandlin and W. H. __llom, two of the best farmers in the Danville community were in town Tuesday.

Our old friend, Mr. B. G. __ick, one of the best farmers in Morgan County, gave us a pleasant call last week.

Our worthy and efficient county treasurer, Mr. J. D. Epperson called to see us last week and paid up his subscription until Jan. 1st, 1889.

Mr. R. J. Shackelford and __ Zion, Ky., after a pleasant three weeks’ visit to relatives returned home Saturday, before leaving he subscribed for the ENQUIRER.

Mr. M. D. Sandlin, a gallant gentleman of Ola, Ark., after a __ful visit of three weeks to relatives and friends left for his home on Tuesday, before leaving he subscribed for the ENQUIRER.

Mr. C. H. Reeves, an energetic young man of Ola, Ark., after a pleasant visit of three weeks to relatives and friends __ Tuesday for his home, before leaving he subscribed for the ENQUIRER.

Mr. R. H. Boteler a worthy __ man of Birmingham gave us a pleasant call Tuesday and subscribed for the ENQUIRER for __t Mrs. M. M. Hilton of __n. Mr. Boteler will spend __ weeks in our town.

Mr. A. M. Lee, a prominent business man of Furman, Ala., was in town this week prospecting __ __fe is very much pleased __e town and has gone home __ his family and will return in a few weeks and engage in business.

Mr. J. S. Dunbar, of Carter, __r & Co., of Nashville. __one of the best and most __ commercial travelers on __d, gave us a pleasant call __ay and subscribed for the ENQUIRER. He was once an __d citizen of the town and __ his excellent wife are __ missed.

================ Page 5, Column 2 =================
Rev. H. Halbrooks and family have moved to town. He has entered school at the Hartselle College.

Our worthy tax collector, Mr. R. F. Orr is now making a special round for the convenience of the people.

An excellent article from Mr. W. B. Sheets of Cedar Plains is crowded out this issue but will appear next week.

W. J. Willoughby, the enterprising grocer, has had his front painted and a bright and attractive sign erected. He means business, go and see him.

Mr. Wm. Durand, of Florida, formerly of Montana Territory, has moved to our town with his family and will make this his home. He comes well recommended as a good citizen.

J. W. Morris, a first-class boot and shoe maker of Decatur, was in our town this week and made arrangements to move his family here and open a shop. We extend a cordial welcome to him.

Mr. Ed N. Wood, of Atlanta, Ga., has moved to Hartselle with his family and will make this his future home. He comes highly recommended as a first-class business man. We welcome him and his family.

Mr. C. G. Harris, our efficient tax assessor, commenced his first round for the purpose of assessing the taxes. He desires all to meet him promptly, as it will be to their benefit as well as his and save trouble and cost.

The Decatur Pressed Brick Company have purchased 54 acres of land from Mr. John Patterson at Cedar Crossing near Falkville. They will commence at once to erect their plant to begin the manufacture of brick.

In conversation with a cotton man from Eastern markets, we learned that our fellow-townsman Mr. W. V. Echols is considered one of the finest judges of cotton between Decatur and Montgomery. We are glad to note this fact.

================ Page 5, Column 3 =================
Messrs. G. D. Williamson & R. H. Echols, two excellent business young men formerly of Hartselle, but later of Flint, have gone to Decatur to engage in the mercantile business. They have opened on Bank Street, a nice line of goods and they bespeak a portion of public patronage. We wish them success in their new home.


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