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Alabama Enquirer And Morgan County News
Alabama Enquirer And Morgan County News
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Description: Citizens Meeting - Building and Improvement Company;
County Wheel Notice; Priceville News

Date: January 19 1888

Newspaper published in: Hartselle, AL

Source: Madison Co., AL Library

Page/Column: Page 5, Column 4

================ Page 5, Column 4 =================
Steps taken Towards Organizing a
Building and Improvement Company
A meeting of the citizens of our town was called to convention on Monday night last at the Speaks hotel for the promotion of building and general improvement in Hartselle. Notwithstanding the extreme inclemency of the weather, with the ground covered with ice and sleet, and the rain pouring in torrents, we found present as well wishers and willing workers the following gentlemen; Hon. J. C. Orr, Capt. E. J. Oden, Messrs. J. H. Corsbie, C. H. Cooper, S. A. Vest, A. A. Oden, J. W. Lotheridge, J. A. Rogers, Rob’t Sebotka, R. N. Walden, W. P. Hutchinson, M. J. Speaks, M. K. Mahan; Revs. J. L. Stockton, I. D. McClanahan; Drs. W. A. Barclift, C. D. Smith and W. B. Woodall and Messrs. H. E. Kelley and J. A. Rountree.
The subject under consideration was canvassed in a proper spirit and the unity of action and conversation of speech gave evidence that the near future would show a perfected organization which will largely tend toward upholding and upbuilding the interests of the town. A committee of seven, consisting of E. J. Oden, M. K. Mahan, J. H. Corsbie, C. H. Cooper, W. A. Barclift, J. I. Stockton and J. A. Rountree were appointed as incorporators, and instructed to procure a charter after which the organization is to be perfected at the earliest practicable date. We have reason to know that many of our citizens were prevented attending this meeting who are as deeply interested in the contemplated move and as willing to help in public enterprise as any of those present. The meeting under the chairmanship of Mr. C. H. Cooper was adjourned to the college on next Saturday night at 6 o’clock, at which time and place all are invited to be present and assist in the furtherance of this laudable enterprise.
County Wheel Notice
A special meeting of the Morgan county Agricultural Wheel will be held at Hartselle, Ala., Saturday, February 4th 1888, for the purpose of electing a new president, disseminating the new work, selecting a trade agent for the county and transacting any other important business for the good of order.
Each subordinate Wheel is requested to send one delegate for every ten members besides the secretary. Each president is especially requested to attend in order to receive the new work for his Wheel.
Hartselle, Ala., Jan. 14th, 1888.
J. J. WOODALL, Secretary.
JAS. N. THOMPSON, Vice-President.
Priceville News—The
Enquirer Appreciated
I thought perhaps a few items of new would be appreciated from this place in the ENQUIRER hence I write you.
The letter in last week’s ENQUIRER from Dr. H. M. Welch was highly appreciated and read with much interest in this section.
Mr. James Ratliff, one of our best citizens, paid Hartselle a business trip Saturday.
There is some talk of Major B. F. Bean being a candidate for commissioner again. The people want him in this section. He has made a good and faithful officer. We hope that he will announce in the ENQUIRER soon.
With my best wishes for the success of the ENQUIRER I will close.


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