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Description: The Tennessee River Convention

Date: January 26 1888

Newspaper published in: Hartselle, AL

Source: Madison Co., AL Library

Page/Column: Page 4, Column 4

================ Page 4, Column 4 =================
The Tennessee River Convention
Resolutions Adopted.
An Enthusiastic Meeting.
The Tennessee River Convention in the Institute Hall at Decatur, Ala., last Wednesday. The attendance was good and the business that came before the convention was transacted with system and dispatch.
Major E. C. Gordon welcomed the visiting delegates in a brief but forcible speech, and nominated Hon. A. H. Pettibone, of Tennessee, as chairman of the convention and he was unanimously elected. Mr. Pettibone returned thanks for the honor conferred upon him, and referred in appropriate language to the object of the convention, alluding frequently to the vast resources which, through navigation of the Tennessee would open up to the commercial world, and which could be opened only in this way.
The chair then declared motions in order and W, K. P. Wilson, of Decatur, was nominated for secretary, with J. A. Rountree , of Hartselle, and W. T. Mulligan, of Decatur, as assistants, and they were unanimously elected. On motion the chair appointed the following committee on credentials: Maj. M. J. O’Brian of Chattanooga: Hon. J. T. Tanner, of Athens, and Dr. J. J. Barclay, of Decatur.
On motion the following committee on resolutions was appointed: Dr. J. J. Barclay, of Decatur; Col. Tom Fort, of Chattanooga; Judge E. H. Foster, of Decatur, and Hon. Sol Palmer, of Montgomery.
While these committees were in preparation, Col. C. C. Sheets made an eloquent and rousing speech in behalf of the work of the convention. Letters were also read from Ex-Gov. E. A. O’Neal, Congressman Joseph Wheeler, Gov. Robert Z. Taylor and Senator Isham G. Marshall expressing regret, the official duties or ill health prevented their attendance and wishing the best results to follow the labors of the convention.
The committee on credentials then made their report—about 120 delegates present.
Col. J. W. Barlow who has in charge the government works at the Muscle Shoals delivered an address on the history and present conditions of the work. His address was clear, concise and business-like talk illustrated by a map the location of the canal, what had already been done and exactly what was needed to complete the work.
On motion a vote of thanks was tendered Col. Barlow for his interesting address, the vote was unanimous.
================ Page 4, Column 5 =================
The committee on resolutions reported the following:
Resolved That nearly $3,000,000 having been already expended by the government on this work and as $100,000 in addition will in three months open up the whole river practically to public use, we urge it on congress to make at once an appropriation in order to prevent deterioration of eh work and at all events long enough before the adjournment of congress to prevent a similar disappointment to that experienced at the termination of the last congress.
E. H. FOSTER, Chairman.
TOM FORT, of Tennessee,
Capt. J. M. Hinds, of Decatur, offered the following resolution which was unanimously adopted:
Resolved. That this convention earnestly appeal to the several representatives in congress of the states contiguous to the Tennessee River and those of states most directly interested to assist in procuring the appropriation necessary to open the Tennessee River to navigation.
On motion a committee of ten was appointed by the chair to draft a suitable memorial to congress asking for the necessary amount to complete the work and this committee be instructed to go to Washington in the interest of the river.
The following committee was appointed: Maj. E. C. Gordon, of Decatur, chairman; Col. A. H. Pettibone; Ex-Gov. E. A. O’Neal, of Florence; Wm. Rule, of Knoxville; Dr. J. J. Barclay, of Decatur; Hons. G. A. McClellan, of Athens, Ala.; O. C. King, of Morristown, Tenn.; A. H .Moses, of Sheffield; Samuel Blackwell, of Danville.
A vote of thanks was tendered to the presiding officer for the able manner in which he had perished over the body, also to the people of Decatur for their hospitable entertainment.
There being no further business before the convention it adjourned SINE DIE.
The convention was harmonious and enthusiastic.
The body was composed of representative men of Alabama and Tennessee.
Hon. A. H. Pettibone makes a splendid presiding officer. He thoroughly understands parliamentary law.
Editor J. A. Rountree, of the Alabama ENQUIRER, was a delegate to the convention yesterday during the sitting of that body.—Decatur Daily Journal.
Col. J. W. Barlow, superintendent of the Muscle Shoals, and who made the convention such an interesting address yesterday, has sent in to the secretary of war his report of the Colbert Shoals survey. He says the work will cost about $800,000 or $1,000,000, and could be completed in perhaps three years.—Decatur Daily journal.
The state of Alabama made the first appropriation for the work on the Muscle Shoals.


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