Alabama Enquirer And Morgan County News
Alabama Enquirer And Morgan County News
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Description: Cedar Plains Chat; Priceville Pin Points;
Trinity Trinkets; Flint City Chimes;

Date: February 9 1888

Newspaper published in: Hartselle, AL

Source: Madison Co., AL Library

Page/Column: Page 5, Columns 4 & 5

================ Page 5, Column 4 =================
Cedar Plains Chat
EDITOR ENQUIRER:--As we don’t see much in your valuable paper from this muddy corner, I will try to write a few dots.
The farmers are making arrangements to sow oats.
Mrs. S. E. Thomason, of Birmingham, will move back to her old residence soon and her son, Mr. Harper Thomason will take charge of the farm.
Mr. W. J. Wallace will soon have his new house completed and then he will move.
Mr. Robert Patterson’s school will close next Friday.
Dr. W. B. Thomason is talking of moving to Hartselle and engaging in the drug business.
I must close as this is my first letter. We do most heartily wish the ENQUIRER much success, it is the foremost paper in the county and the farmers in this section received it with a halo of delight.
Yours Respectfully, DOLLEY.
Priceville Pin Points
EDITOR ENQUIRER:--I ask permission to write a few lines from this point to your worthy paper.
The reading society meets every Sunday evening at 1 o’clock p.m. at Ratliff’s school house. All are invited to attend.
Messrs. F. M. and W. E. Baldwin paid Nashville a business trip last week.
Miss Mary Kate Gill, one of Somerville’s fairest daughters, visited the family of Mr. James Ratliff last week. She returned home Friday accompanied by Misses Nina Ratliff and Eunice England, two of Priceville’s charming young ladies.
Messrs. John Orr and Pettey of Danville, were in this community last week bird hunting.
Mr. Henry Collier paid Hartselle a business trip Monday.
Misses Eunice England and Nina Ratliff will enter school at Danville next Monday.
The Enquirer is read with much interest at this point.
The candidates were here last week in full force.

================ Page 5, Column 5 =================
Trinity Trinkets
EDITOR ENQUIRER:--According to promise I will endeavor to give you a few “trinkets,” although new at this writing is very scarce.
William Minor Lyle and bride, of Lynchburg, Va., who has been visiting his mother at this place, returned home on last Friday. They were accompanied as far as Huntsville by Miss Belle Campbell of that place.
Mr. Mudd, formerly of Ky., who married Miss Florence Williams of this vicinity, has bought the Williams farm, about 2 miles from here, where he will make his future home.
Mr. Henry Lile spent last Sunday in Pride’s Station, we would not be surprised if there is soon another Mrs. Lile coming to Trinity.
As this is my first to the ENQUIRER, I will stop and if this does not find its way to the waste basket, I will try again in the near future. Success to the ENQUIRER.
Flint City Chimes
FLINT CITY, ALA., Feb. 6th, 1888
EDITOR ENQUIRER:--I will try to give your many readers a few notes of the many changes that are going on in our town.
The Dummy Line will soon be here.
Mr. H. J. Baker and family have moved to Decatur. Mr. W. L. Sparkman will occupy the residence of Mr. Baker.
Mr. C. L. Price moved to our town this week and will occupy the residence of Mr. W. L. Sparkman.
W. M. Wamack has purchased the new residence of G. H. Hughes and is moving his family to it this week.
D. W. Hamby has bought Mr. Hughes’ residence, that he now occupies, and will move into this week.
J. E. Ayers is having his house repaired and W. M. Furr will occupy it as soon as it is finished.
Hughes & Wamack is the style of a new mercantile firm in Flint.
Messrs. L. D. Gibson and James F. Morris visited the Oil City last Saturday.
The debating society is much enjoyed by all who attend. We are glad to see the people take so much interest in it.
J. L. Jones and J. B. Sparkman haven’t married yet. O, what a chance for some girls.
At a public meeting of the citizens of our town the name of Flint was changed to Flint City, for various reasons.
Miss Fannie Roberson is visiting her home near Falkville.
Messrs. G. H. Hughes, E. M. and W. E. Baldwin paid Nashville a business trip last week.
Miss Ruthie Gibson, one of Flint’s fair daughters, after spending several days in Decatur returned Saturday.
As Vleet is not up to writing very much and is afraid of wearying the editor and his host of readers, he will hold up, and, if agreeable, will come again, being the same old boy.


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