Alabama Enquirer And Morgan County News
Alabama Enquirer And Morgan County News
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Description: William Knox Advertises for Wife

Date: April 21 1888

Newspaper published in: Hartselle, AL

Source: Madison Co., AL Library

Page/Column: Page 3, Column 1

Mr. William Knox of Santa Monica, Cal., who has become rich through the boom out there, wants a wife and sensibly goes to the newspapers to help him. In a letter to the San Francisco Examiner he says that at night he "wouldn't feel so loansome" if he had some good woman to "kind of cherk him up" a little. "The boom has made me rich," he writes, "but as far as women is concerned it ain't the same as it is with dirt. There ain't no boom in wimmen. In fact, it beats h—l how scarce they are in this glorious land. Any poor girl, who may wish for a home in Southern California can have one by addressing to William Knox, who is in want of a wife, between the age 25 and 35 years. The first who calls will have the home for life. She will have a good, hard working man. She will have a good, honest, sober man, and a man that is never seen go inside a saloon. What more do a woman want?"

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