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San Mateo County Gazette
San Mateo County Gazette
Contributed by Chris Havnar

Description: General Transcription

Date: October 22 1859

Newspaper published in: Redwood City

Source: Daly City - Serramonte Branch

San Mateo County Gazette
Redwood City, San Mateo County, California
Saturday Morning, October 22, 1859, Vol. 1 No.29

Declaration as Sole Trader
Know all men by these presents, that I, Emma Church, of the County of San Mateo, State of California, the wife of W.D. Church of the County and State aforesaid, do hereby declare and make known my intention to carry on business, and trade, in my own name and on my own account as a sole trader in pursuance of an act of the Legislature of the State of California, entitled, An Act to authorize married women to transact business in their own name, as sole traders, passed April 12th, 1852, and I further declare that the nature of my said business will be farming and raising stock. I further declare that my said trade and business will be carried on and transacted in the County of San Mateo, and from the date of these presents I shall be individually responsible, in my own name, for all debts contracted by me in my said trade and business or on account thereof. And I further declare that the amount of capital to be by me invested in said trade and business, does not exceed the sum of five thousand dollars, ($5000.)
In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal, the 20th day of October 1859.
State of California
County of San Mateo
On this 20th day of October, A.D. 1859, before me, J.P. Ames, a Justice of the Peace in and for said county, personally appeared the within named Emma Church, whose name is subscribed to the within and a foregoing declaration as the party thereto, personally known to me to be the individual described in and who executed the foregoing declaration, and the said Emma Church, wife of W.D. Church, having been by me first made acquainted with the contents of the foregoing declaration, acknowledged to me on an examination by me had separate and apart from and out of the hearing of the said husband, that she executed the same freely and voluntarily, without fear or compulsion or undue influence of her said husband, and that she does not wish to retract the execution of the same.
Witness my hand and seal, the 20th day of October, A.D. 1859
Justice of the Peace, 2d Township
County of San Mateo

Under the auspices of the Society, for the sale, exchange and exhibition of every description of Live Stock and Farm Produce, will be held at Redwood City, on
Stock for sale, exchange or exhibition, will be received on the Societys grounds, up to the day of the Fair.
Members of the Society are requested to give immediately to the Soliciting Committee a full list of the articles they will enter for sale or exchange at the Societys Fair which list be duly advertised by the Society previous to the Fair.
The following gentlemen compose the Soliciting Committee.
B.G. Lathrop, C. Livingston, George Heller, Curtis Baird, Redwood City;
R.P. Tripp, Woodside;
S.S. Stanbaugh, Searsville;
M. Wolfe, J.E. Selleck, H. Hamilton, Halfmoon Bay;
M. Shaffner, J.E. Butler, San Mateo;
A.T. Castor, J.I. Ellet, Belmont;B.V. Weeks, Piscadero; (sic)
W.C. Clark, Seventeen-mile House;J.C. Maynard, Canada Raymundo;
A.I. Easton, Blackhawk Ranch;
John Thorpe, San Bruno;
John Cumming, A.W. Rice, Twelve-mile House;
W. Wadsworth, Col. Watten, Wm. White, B.F. Fish, San Francisco;
S.B. Emerson, Wm. Elliot, Mountain View;
S.I. Jamison, Santa Clara;
Wm. Reynolds, Wm. Paul, Mayfield.
All entries not made on or before the 21st October, will not be advertised.
Secretary Pacific Agricultural Society

Declaration as Sole Trader
State of California
County of San Mateo
Cynthia Haskins, being duly sworn, hereby makes public declaration that she intends from this date, herein underwritten, in her own name and on her own account to carry on business in the County of San Mateo, State of California. That said business so conducted in said county and State, is that of raising, herding, taking care of and ranching stock, and all things whatsoever connected therewith and appertaining thereto, and all other business generally pursued upon a grain farm or Stock ranch.
And further declares, that she is a married woman, of proper age, and that the amount so invested in said business does not exceed the sum of five thousand dollars.
Sworn and subscribed before me this 12th day of October, 1859
Justice of the Peace, Third Township

MYSTERIOUS DISAPPEARANCE On the first day of July last, J.H. Pratt, Esq., who had been for some time engaged as teacher of the school at West Union, in this county, drew from the county treasury, one hundred and sixty two dollars, and two days afterwards started for San Francisco, since which time he has not been heard from. He was to have been absent but a few days, and was to have reopened his school after a short vacation. Mr. Pratt was temperate and regular in his habits, and his long-continued absence has created considerable uneasiness on the part of his friends. Fears are entertained that he has met with foul play. All his clothing and effects were left as usual he having taken nothing with him except the clothing he wore at the time, and his money. He had recently purchased some land in Petaluma, and went to San Francisco to make a payment on it. We had a conversation with him just before he left, in which he stated that he should be absent but a few days, that he expected his wife out soon from the East, and intended to make this county his home. We do not know what State he came from. He was recently admitted to the bar in the District Court of this county, upon a certificate from the Supreme Court of Ohio. He was a rather short, thick-set man, sandy complexion, slightly bald, and about thirty-five years of age.

FIRE The gang mill of Messrs. Jones, Mills & Franklin, in the Redwoods, was destroyed by fire on Wednesday night last, with all its contents, together with about forty thousand feet of lumber lying near. The fire originated near the aperture in the roof, through which the smoke-stack passed. The flames were discovered about ten oclock, and so rapid was their spread, that in less than five minutes the entire building was in flames. A man sleeping in the mill narrowly escaped being burned. The burning of this mill will prove a heavy loss, not only to the proprietors, but to the community at large. It was by far the best mill in the county, running a full gang of saws, a planning mill, picket mill, turning lathe, etc. The mill has been considered worth about $30,000, but probably cost more than that sum.

THE COURSTS On the first Monday in next month there will be a regular term of the County Court; on the Tuesday following, a term of the Probate Court, and on the Wednesday following, a term of the Court of Sessions, of this county. There will be very little business in either the County or Probate courts, but in the Court of Sessions it is anticipated there will be a considerable calendar. Grand and trail juries for that Court will be drawn this afternoon, at two oclock.

ARRESTED On Friday of last week, constable Keith arrested a person here on suspicion of being an escaped convict. He was confined until Monday, when it was ascertained that he was the convict named Frank Smith, who made his escape from a prison vessel which he employed upon. He was wounded in the shoulder at the time he made his escape. He was taken back to his old quarters.

TAXES Up to the hour of closing business on Monday last, taxes had been paid in to the amount of thirteen thousand one hundred and thirty-nine dollars and thirty-five cents. This amount is, of course, less the five per cent, which by law is allowed to be deducted from taxes in this county, when paid on or prior to the third Monday in October. Two hundred and sixty-seven taxpayers have availed themselves of the advantages afforded by this discount, by paying their taxes in due season. There still remains upon the book, to be collected, taxes to the amount of ten thousand five hundred and ninety-three dollars and thirty cents, upon which levy has been made, and five per cent added.

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