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The Daily Free Press
The Daily Free Press
Contributed by Gigimo

Description: The Course of True Love.

Date: March 10 1900

Newspaper published in: Carbondale, IL

Page/Column: 8

Charles Loth, aged 26, was charged recently with the abduction of Olivia B. Newton, less than 15 years old, at Richmond, Va. They went to the station ostensibly to take the train to elope. A rain storm came up and they got in a box car. She said that he detained her there all night, and was so indignant the next day that she refused to have anything more to do with him. Her parents brought a charge of abduction and the girl told her story to the jury and declared her determination to have no further dealings with her former lover.

Loth was sentenced to seven years in the penitentiary. Recently he secured a new trial. The young woman was seated in the court room with her mother and father while the hearing was going on, and testified, this time in favor of Loth. They had evidently met in some way. While the young woman's parents were absorbed in the question of granting bail and release of Loth, Olivia stole out of the court room to the street, where, it is thought, a cab was in waiting. As soon as the bail and release was granted, Loth hurried out of the court room and joined the young woman. They slipped away so quietly that they were not missed until both were wanted for some further formality. Their absence dumbfounded the parents of the girl and the officers of the court.

They caught a train for Weldon, and will, no doubt return man and wife, and Loth, instead of serving time in the penitentiary, will only answer for contempt of court.

Submitted: 03/29/18

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