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Description: Made an Assault to Kill. An Ashley Man Gets Into Trouble While Intoxicated. Tries to Cut Inoffensive Bystanders. He is a member of a Desperate Family, a Brother Having Fatally Shot a Man in a Feud With Relatives at Ashley Monday.

Date: April 28 1900

Newspaper published in: Carbondale, IL

Page/Column: 1

A stranger by he name of Blankenship, and hailing from Ashley, created considerable trouble Tuesday afternoon by attempting to use his knife on several persons. Just how or when he blew into town is not known, but the first time that he was noticed was at J. W. Wade's saloon, where he became insolent and insulting to the bystanders soon after his entrance. He first wanted to fight, and finding no one thirsting for gore he pulled out a knife and made a slash at a man who was standing at the bar. A bystander warded the blow off and the bartender then attempted to put him out. He made several vicious slashes at him, which the bartender dodged and then ran for a gun. The stranger, who by this time appeared to be crazed, started across the street for the New Hundley Buffet.

Here the door was shut in his face, and he threatened to break the glass, all the time gesticulating with his knife. The proprietor suddenly opened the door and knocked him down and he was instantly seized by several persons, and Police Justice Lightfoot, who was near by, deputized them to take him to the city jail. On the way here he made a frantic effort to break loose, and the deputies had to knock him senseless and carry him to the calaboose.

From all the information to be gained the young man is a member of a desperate and bloodthirsty family who have been engaged in feuds for years past, of which fact he boasted.

Monday evening his brother, who lives at Ashley, fatally wounded his father in law in a pistol duel at the L & N depot in that town, the fight being a continuation of the Jones-Blankenship feud which has existed there for years past and which has resulted in a number of bloody fights and broils.

Wednesday morning Judge Lightfoot fined him $25 on the city case, and the state may yet handle him for assault to kill.

Submitted: 03/30/18

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