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Alabama Enquirer And Morgan County News
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Description: The New Commissioners;
Cedar Cove Cleveland Club

Date: August 23 1888

Newspaper published in: Hartselle, AL

Source: Madison Co., AL Library

Page/Column: Page 5, Column 3

================ Page 5, Column 3 =================
The New Commissioners
The general public will be more interested in these than in any other offices in the county.
This is natural. The comforts and conveniences which we may or may not be allowed, rest almost entirely in the hands of the commissioners.
From what we know of them they are sound, sensible and live men; this augurs well to start with. They have the endorsement of an overwhelming majority of the voters of Morgan County; this shows the people have abundant faith in them. It remains to be seen whether or not they are equal to the emergency.
The ENQUIRER believes they will.
The condition of our public roads demand a departure from the methods of our forefathers; it is confidently believed that the new men have “sand” and “grit” enough to give Morgan county better roads and better bridges.
The commissioners will have enough “grit” to “tackle” any evil which is in their path; of this we are certain, hence we should be thankful.
Of the newly elected men Maj. B. F. Bean, of the 4th district, is his own successor. He has been a commissioner for the past four years and has made a good one. He is a stirring farmer of modern views. There is no doubt that his future record will be as good if not better than his past Maj. Bean’s post-office is at Priceville.
David Q. Draper, represents the 3rd district, and judging from the number of votes received he is the most popular man in that section of Morgan County. He is a substantial farmer and has established an enviable reputation of being a fair and square man. He lives at Sunnyside post-office.
S. P. Lovelady, wide and favorably known as “Sim” Lovelady is perhaps the most widely known of the lot and the most popular judging from the vote he received in the primary and general election. The people of the second district need have no fears but “Sim” Lovelady will carefully watch their interest. And while looking after the second district, it may be well to say he will keep an eye out at all times for the benefit of the whole county. Mr. Lovelady lives near Danville and gets his mail at that place.
Charles T. Burt represents the 1st district and is the youngest member of the board. He is a wide awake young farmer and is thoroughly embued with the spirit of enterprise and progress. He is quiet and unassuming and we predict he will make a good officer. Mr. Burt lives near Trinity where the humblest citizen may address him and get a fair hearing. Accept our congratulations gentlemen!
Cedar Cove Cleveland Club
Mr. Editor:
We take advantage of your kind offer to speak a few words for our Club. We are having a booming club of more than 50 members.
We have very interesting meetings and are endeavoring to thoroughly understand the principles of the national politics.
We will have our next meeting on Thursday night Aug. 23rd which will be public for all and more especially we want all our members present. The following is our program: 1st Should gold and silver coinage be limited? B. F. Thompson, E. L. Hays and W. C. Thompson.
2nd Resolved that we as a democratic party should always support the nominees of the ticket. E. Robinson and C. Thompson.
Done by order of the club.
W. H. H. Thompson, President.
E. L. Hays, Sec’y.


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