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Description: Farmer LESTER is Accused. A Wealthy Citizen is Accused of LARIMORE'S Murder.

Date: October 29 1902

Newspaper published in: Carbondale, IL

Page/Column: 2

Quincy, Ill., Oct. 28.

Willard Fillmore LESTER, a prominent farmer in the vicinity of Plainville, was arrested last night and brought to this city to answer the charge of murdering Frederick LARIMORE last Thursday evening. LESTER is about 42 years of age, is the owner of a large farm and is comfortably fixed financially. He has been married twice. A daughter from the first marriage, Laura LESTER, now 19 years of age, became the wife of Alvin MCKEE, and when she was of age also inherited valuable farm in her own right. Her husband, who is 28 years of age, also inherited valuable property and they are supposed to be jointly worth from $25,000 to $30,000. It has been alleged that young LARIMORE became very intimate with the married daughter of LESTER. Her husband does not enjoy good health and returned home Saturday night from a sanitarium in Michigan. While there his wife stopped at a hotel at Battle Creek, Mich., and in the deceased LARIMORE'S effects have been found letters from the hotel referred to, signed "You Know." It is alleged that Mrs. MCKEE wrote these letters. One of them offered to pay LARIMORE'S expenses if he would come up and visit her. People living in and near Plainville assert that they have heard LESTER say that he would kill LARIMORE if the alleged intimacy did not cease. LESTER denies using the terms, but contends that if he did make use of the expression it was only to scare his daughter. There were no witnesses to the murder. A single shot on a dark night ended LARIMORE'S life; hence, all the evidence that has been woven around LESTER is purely circumstantial; but public opinion seems to point toward him and at no other person. Even the bloodhounds that were put on the trail the morning after the killing went three times to the place where it was known that LESTER had his horse hitched the evening before. LESTER denies any association with the murder whatever, and yet he anticipated arrest and for the past three or four days has been making his arrangements accordingly.

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