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The Delaware Pilot
The Delaware Pilot
Contributed by Harrison

Description: Local News Items

Date: November 22 1912

Newspaper published in: Lewes, Sussex Conty, Delaware

Source: Collection

The floating fish factory, Mills, of the Neptune Fishing Company has been removed to Riverton, Rhode Island where she will be converted into a freighter. This company is awaiting the action of the courts before they can begin building their plant here and according to late reports affairs will soon be in such a condition that work may be started on their plant sometime in the near furutre or in time that it may be completed in time to handle the fish from the spring fishing. While this company has no plant on land here, the Mills has been a big benefit to the local merchants as all the boats are stocked here and the men spent quite a lot of money at the different stores in town.

Heartbroken Hunter
The law on game was off last Friday and nearly all local sportsmen went out to try their skills. One of them was fortunate enough to kill two rabbits and fifteen partridges but on the way home the rabbitts and birds in some way jolted out of the wagon but the loss was not noticed until the hunter got home. When the game was not found with him he hired an auto and went back and asked a farmer if he had seen anything of his rabbits and birds and was immediately informed that they had been found, cooked and eaten. It was an unhappy hunter that returned to Lewes that night.

Good wives and good umbrellas should be watched as they are easy lost.

The annual meeting of the stockholders of the Lewes Fisheries Company will be held at the Company Office in Lewes, Delaware, Monday December 2nd 1912 from 2 o'clock to 4 o'clock pm to elect a board of directors for the ensuing year. James T. Lank, Secretary

While shoveling fish scrap from a pile at the Lewes Fisheries Company last Friday morning, George Langford of this town, was crushed beneath it when one of the sides of the pile caved in on him. One leg was broken above the knee and it is feared that he is injured internally. Wwhen the scrap is taken from the facory it is piled outside and is sold and removed at the end of the season. This year the pile of scrap at Lewes was a big one. A pathay was being dug through the center of it so tracks could be laid for the little engine that runs on the pier. Langford was working on this pathway when one of the sides gave way and he was buried beneath it, only his nose being out and it was with great effort that he managed to get his noes to the air. He was removed to his home immediately but his leg was swollen so that Drs. Beebe and Martin could not set it. Tuesday morning he was taken to a Philadelphia hospital where he could have the more scientific appliances used. Dr. Martin accompanied him.

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