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Montgomery Advertiser
Montgomery Advertiser
Contributed by Gigimo

Description: Two Negroes Are Cremated. Taken From Jail by Missouri Mob. Accused of Criminal Assault. 1,000 Men Storm Residence of the County Sheriff. Secure Keys to Jail, Get Prisoners Who are Hanged to Statue of the Goddess of Liberty and Then Roasted.

Date: April 15 1906

Newspaper published in: Montgomery, AL

Page/Column: 1

Springfield, Mo., April 14.

A mob of 3,000 men tonight took two negroes, Horace DUNCAN and Jim COPELAND from the county jail, hanged them to the Goddess of Liberty on the court house and built a fire under them and they were roasted to death. The men were charged with assaulting Mabel EDWARDS.

Mabel EDWARDS came here recently from Monett, Mo., and obtained employment as a domestic. Last night while Miss EDWARDS and a young man were riding in a buggy they were stopped by two negroes who beat the young man and dragged Miss EDWARDS into the woods by the roadside. DUNCAN and COPELAND were arrested on suspicion, but there was little evidence against them. A mob of 1,000 men gathered at the city jail at 8 o'clock tonight and upon learning that the negroes were not here hastened to the county jail where the prisoners were confined.

Instead of attacking the jail at first the mob stormed the residence of the county sheriff, breaking down doors, smashing windows, destroying practically all the furniture in the lower part of the house and rendering the sheriff's wife unconscious from the fright. Overcoming the resistance of the sheriff and a posse of deputies the mob secured the key to the jail and gained entrance. It had no difficulty in locating the cells of DUNCAN and COPELAND.

When the committee who entered the jail came out with the two negroes the mob began to clamor for summary execution, shouting "Hand them," "Burn them."

The men were taken to the public square and hanged to a statue of the Goddess of Liberty. A fire was then kindled under them in which they were roasted to death, a crowd of 3,000 watching their agonies.

After the negroes were dead the bodies were left burning. Both the negroes were under twenty one years of age.


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Submitted: 06/10/18

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