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Cincinnati Daily Gazette
Cincinnati Daily Gazette
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Description: The Lost Cause. An Attempt of Missouri Democrats to Raise a Rebel Flag on the Fourth of July Frustrated by Armed Union Men.

Date: July 11 1876

Newspaper published in: Cincinnati, OH

Page/Column: 7

Oronogo, Jasper County, Mo., July 6.

This place, in common with the rest of the country appropriately celebrated the Centennial Fourth, and everything would have passed off quietly and pleasantly had not the old rebel spirit of Democracy asserted itself and came very near changing a peaceful celebration into a bloody riot. A few Northern copperheads, Arkansas and Missouri rebels, met together, proclaimed that they would not celebrate under the "Black Republican Rag" (as they expressed it), and painted a flag, and made arrangements to march through the town, singing Dixie, and then raise it in a conspicuous place. This was at first thought lightly of by the Union men of the place, they not dreaming that any one would attempt so foolish and wicked a thing in Missouri, until the flag was completed, and the party had met in a business house, preparatory to marching out. Then the Union spirit of the people was fully aroused, and after remonstrance and argument failed, being met with the threat that whoever interfered with the rebel programme must take the consequences, the Union people armed themselves with pistols, rifles, etc., and gave the rebels to fully understand that the first man who attempted to hoist the rebel flag on the soil of Missouri would be shot down. It was only by such determined course that this outrage was prevented. Pleadings and remonstrances did no good, and only the preponderance of numbers saved this place from outrage and bloodshed. For it those rebels had persisted in their project the streets of this place would have been dyed with blood. A few war Democrats from the East, who have settled in the county, joined in with the Republicans, and asserted that if this was Democracy they would have none of it, and were ready to assist in preventing the outrage of unfurling again the rebel flag upon the soil of Missouri. To those in the East and the quiet citizens of St. Louis, who believe that the rebel spirit is dead in Missouri, I would ask them to travel through some parts of Missouri and they will be fully satisfied of their error. It shows itself wherever there is a prospect of success to the Democrats, and it only needs a National victory to that party to cause it to run wild.


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Submitted: 06/12/18

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