Chicago Tribune
Chicago Tribune
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Description: Grand Army Reunion

Date: November 20 1868

Newspaper published in: Chicago

Source: The Newberry Library

To the Citizens of Chicago:
The Finance Committee of the Armies of the Tennessee, Cumberland, Ohio and Georgia, are about to call upon you for pecuniary aid in defraying the expenses incident to the grand reunion of the officers of these armies, to be held in this city on the ensuing 15th and 16th of December. The committee is assured that there will be present Generals Grant, Sherman, Sheridan, Thomas, Schofield, and with them a long and brilliant line of the most distinguished in the military history of our country. To the end that all things may be fitting, and that the reunion and entertainment of a body of gentlemen among the noblest and truest in our land--in our city--claiming soon to be the Metropolis--may be alike creditable to you and us, we call upon you who, in the darker hours, have never failed us, and who know that we are impecunius, to supply what we most need. We have never called in vain, and we believe we shall not now.
Signed by Colonel John Mason Loomis, Chairman; Gen. John M. Corse, General M. R. M. Wallace, General Theo F. Brown, General E. S. Saloman, General W. Scott Stewart, General James R. (S?R?)ugunin, Colonel L. H. Whittlesey, Colonel C. W. Davis, Colonel S. B. Raymond, Colonel Lyman Bridges, Colonel B. J. Sweet, Colonel C. FitzsSimons, Colonel J. M. Woodworth, Major G. S. Hubbard, Jr., Major Geo. Mason, Captain R. P. Derrickson, Captain D. C. Bradley, Captain Lyman A. White, Captain E. F. C. Klokke.


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