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Tupelo Journal (MS)
Tupelo Journal (MS)
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Description: Moonshiners in Pontotoc

Date: July 22 1887

Newspaper published in: Tupelo, MS

Source: Lee County, MS Library

Page/Column: Page 2, Column 6

Moonshiners in Pontotoc
For several years past is has been suspected that illicit distilling and unlawful sale of liquor was in operation near Buttermilk Springs, in the western portion of this county. But little attention was paid to the matter until recently, when it became a notorious fact that husbands would leave their homes and families and within a short time without having visited any of the neighboring towns, return in a beastly state of intoxication. Youths, and in some instances mere boys, would leave their homes, remain about several days and return home bearing the unmistakable evidences of a terrible debauch. Scarcely a public meeting, whether for business or even religious worship, could he held in the community without being disturbed by a gang of drunken rowdies. The noble women first became so aroused at eth impending ruin of their husbands and the destruction of their boys, that they threatened to check the tide of lawlessness with their own spotless hands. The entire community became thoroughly aroused, and finally, the Farmers Alliance, which is composed of the most prominent, respectable and law abiding citizens, rose up in its strength and with one accord determined to lend their aid to crush out this nuisance. They held a meeting last Saturday night and notified Deputy U. S. Marshal W. G. McDowell, of this place, of their contemplated promptly to the call and hastened to join them. On Sunday night following, Deputy McDowell with a posse of as brave and law-abiding citizens as our county affords, scoured the country and succeeded in capturing two distilleries, which they completely destroyed, and one moon-shiner named Hall, whom they lodged in jail at this place. Several others mad their escape.
The men who have done this great good for their community, were no lawless mob, but a quiet, determined band, proceeding strictly according to the law of the land. We fully endorse their action and bid them God speed in the good work.—Pontotoc Democrat.

Submitted: 07/06/18

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