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The Alabama Enquirer
The Alabama Enquirer
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Description: Mrs. Kate Maxwell - the "Belle Starr" Of Wyoming

Date: March 28 1889

Newspaper published in: Hartselle, AL

Source: Madison County, AL Library

Page/Column: Page 7, Column 1

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Happenings Here and There
MRS. KATE MAXWELL, the "Belle Starr" of Wyoming, closed up a gambling house at Bessemer on a recent night, recovered several thousand dollars which had been lost by her cowboys, and then saved the lives of the two gamblers as the infuriated cowboys were going to string them up. She is known as Cattle Kate, and runs a small ranch near Bessemer. Some time before, she was robbed of $1,500 by her own men and her resentment was aroused against the gamblers. Their room at Bessemer was crowded one night when Kate strode in, accompanied only by her foreman, and both armed to the teeth. While Kate covered the dealer with a six-shooter, Mason, her foreman secured the box and showed the crowd that the game was an unfair, or "brace" game. This enraged the cowboys and Farley and Bodell were terribly beaten and ordered to prepare for lynching. The ropes were in sight when "Cattle Kate" interceded for the two wretches and announced that she would divide their money, amounting to several thousand dollar, which she had secured. Bodell and Farley were chased out of town. Their place was fired, and all hands went over to Mrs. Maxwell’s ranch, where a dance and general good time followed.

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