Evening Star (DC)
Evening Star (DC)
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Description: Woman's Throat Cut and Husband Shot

Date: December 20 1904

Newspaper published in: Washington, DC

Source: http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov

Page/Column: Page 20, Column 7

Woman's Threat Cut and Husband Shot
A double murder is reported from McWilliams, in Wilcox County. Ala. The victims were Mr. and Mrs. James Andrews of that place. Mrs. Andrews was found lying across the bed with her throat cut from ear to ear, while Andrews was found dead on the floor, with several pistol wounds in his body. Years ago Andrews married and had several children. He is said to have left his first wife and to have married again. A few months ago, it is said, Andrews persuaded his first wife to deed to his second wife a farm he had given to wife No. 1. This is said to have led to a bitter family quarrel.

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