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The Water Valley Progress (MS)
The Water Valley Progress (MS)
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Description: Half a Century Old - Goose Owned by T. R. Drowne

Date: October 31 1903

Newspaper published in: Water Valley, MS

Source: Mississippi State University Library

Page/Column: Page 6, Column 1

Rhode Island Goose Has Been the Pet
Of a Rhode Island Farm for 51 Years.
Priscilla, is a goose, and she's proud of the fact and takes great delight in her age. More than half a century old, she is the property of Thomas R. Drowne, of Foster, R. I., who marked her fifty-first birthday not long ago, with a unique entertainment. Fifty-one guests were present. The refreshments were frozen pudding in the shape of Priscilla, little candy geese and goslings of angel cake. Priscilla strutted around from guest to guest arching her neck inquisitively.
In 1852 Priscilla was born. Her "hatch day" is established beyond dispute, for she burst her shell on the same day that a baby girl arrived in the Drowne family. Priscilla was hatched when geese were good property. She was one of a brood of three, the others s being a goose and a gander, brought into the world beneath the warm feathers of a hen. The three became known as "Aunt Sarah's cade geese," the adjective indicating that they were raised by hand.
Priscilla grew up into a handsome gray bird of the old-fashioned New England type, shorter of neck and leg than the geese of to-day, when goose culture has produced many varieties, but sturdy and amiable. When she reached maturity she was plucked for her down, and this operation was repeated for 45 years.
She learned by experience just what to do when picking time came and would settle down in the picker's lap without a movement or struggle while the feathers were being removed. A few years ago Mr. Drowne ceased to pluck Priscilla's feathers, preferring that she retain all her strength and live as long as possible. She now possesses as elegant a covering as any goose in the country, her feathering being a pure white and very smooth and even.
She has witnessed the decline of the goose industry unmoved, attending all the time her own duties, bringing up a flock now and then and laying eggs until within about five years ago. Her brother and sister passed into the goose hereafter a few years ago, and Mr. Drowne got another goose and gander to keep Priscilla from feeling lonesome. The three may be seen any day on the Foster farm.
Unlike some geese, Priscilla is amiable and of equable temper. How long she will live it is impossible to say, but to all appearances she is as strong, active and healthy now as in her salad days, two score years ago.—N. Y. Herald.

Submitted: 10/10/18

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