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The Alabama Enquirer
The Alabama Enquirer
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Description: City Court - List of Petit Jurors

Date: December 12 1889

Newspaper published in: Hartselle, AL

Source: Madison County, AL Library

Page/Column: Page 1, Column 5

City Court
The second term of the city court, Judge W. H. Simpson presiding, opens January 6th 1890. The following named petit jurors have been chosen.
Frank Arantz, John Nelson,
C. T. Rogers, A. M. Wilhite,
E. D. White, B. P. Witt,
T. M. Prater, D. J. Childers,
John Wilkinson, F. M. Whitton,
M. C. Brown, R. P. Bennett,
C. C. Cox, R. G. Morris,
H. H. Royer, Henry Miller,
J. L. Lipscomb, J. D. Akin,
H. Johnson, John King,
J. C. Roberts, D. H. Morehead,
W. T. Johnson, Daniel Speegle,
David Edwards, W. H. Drinkard,
John Ryan, H. L. Ranson,
C. E. Garrison, J. J. Holmes.
A. P. Wilhite, P. E. Cartwright,
W. H. Ryan, J. W. Daniel,
J. J. Brown, A. M. B. Oden,
J. N. Crawford, T. H. Lane,
D. B. McCorie, J. S. Black,
T. J. Anderson, B. Bowlin,
J. R. Witt, G. T. Kyle,
G. B. Parker, J. G. Orr,
F. G. Ryan, John Arantz,
Tobe Williams, T. E. Burke,
J. P. Baldwin, J. F. Johnson, Jr.,
A. Y. Stewart, J. A. Moore,
W. M. Yearger, E. A. Grantland,
T. W. Thomas, L. M. Lyon,
H. Stewart, J. S. Riggs.


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