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The Alabama Enquirer
The Alabama Enquirer
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Description: Judge Wood Accepts Vice-Presidency of L. & N. Railroad;
Rising Alabamian - Judge W. J. Wood

Date: November 27 1890

Newspaper published in: Hartselle, AL

Source: Madison County, AL Library

Page/Column: Page 2, Column 3; Page 3, Column 5

================ Page 2, Column 3 =================
Vice-President Wood
Judge William J. Wood, of Evansville, Ind., has been tendered and has accepted the Third Vice-Presidency of the Louisville and Nashville and will at once enter upon the duties of the office, this office as we have said, has been vacated by Major Stahlman, and now a fit and proper successor has been found for the place. Not many years back Judge Wood was in the Alabama Senate and distinguished himself as the Senator from the district composed of Lauderdale and Limestone counties. He led the brilliant fight which placed Governor Houston in the United States Senate, and endeared himself to his State by so doing. He was honored with other offices in this State, and removed to Indiana about ten years ago.
He has been honored at the place of his adopted home with the Presidency of the Evansville Business Men’s Association, composed of a thousand men of that city, who have just completed under his management, a magnificent Chamber of Commerce. He built the Evansville and Suburban railroad, a short line twenty miles long, and has managed the same with signal ability, and on a dividend paying basis.
Alabama feels kindly towards the Louisville and Nashville and the Louisville and Nashville has demonstrated its good will in many ways.
It is fir and proper that Judge Wood should have a place in the counsels of this road as a representative Alabamian. He is a hard-working man, of brilliant mind, and large capacities, and his appointment will be taken as another evidence of railroads.—Birmingham Age-Herald.

================ Page 3, Column 5 =================
Something About Judge W. J. Wood,
Who Succeeds Maj. Stahlman
Judge W. J. Wood, who succeeds Maj. Stahlman, as Third Vice-President of the Louisville and Nashville is a native Alabamian, the son of Gen. S. A. M. Wood, of Tuscaloosa.
He was born in Florence, Alabama, and held several offices in his native county, among them being State Senator and Judge of Probate.
He removed to Evansville, Ind., in 1880 and has been District Attorney of the Louisville and Nashville, and also connected with the Executive Department.
He has at all time been distinguished for his push in business matters and vigor of thought, and is in full line and accord with the Louisville and Nashville system in its popular treatment of its patrons.
He is the second Alabamian recently promoted to high position on that system, the other being B. F. Dickson, superintendent of the St. Louis division.
The ENQUIRER congratulates the Louisville and Nashville and Judge Wood on their natural good luck.

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