Tupelo Journal (MS)
Tupelo Journal (MS)
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Description: Democratic Meeting at Pontotoc

Date: July 24 1891

Newspaper published in: Tupelo, MS

Source: Lee County, MS Library

Page/Column: Page 4, Columns 4 & 5

================ Page 4, Column 4 =================
Democratic Meeting at Pontotoc
At a mass meeting of the Democrats, in the courthouse, at Pontotoc, Miss., July 13, 1891, Capt. T. H. Williams was elected chairman and E. C. Pegues secretary; and the following resolutions were adopted:
[Transcription note: The resolution is not included here due to lack of any personal information. The remainder of this article is smaller print and blurred – there may be errors.]
================ Page 4, Column 5 =================
The following parties were chosen as members of the Executive committee:
1st Dist.—J. W. Simmons, J. M. Powell, H. P. Milan, W. E. Pitts.
2nd Dist.—J. B. Phifer, R. C. Lemans, T. R. Cornes, E. C. Mayhan.
3rd Dist.—G. W. Turner, Jim Baywell, R. L. S. Kenner, E. P. Lamar.
4th Dist.—E. C. Pegues, A. P. Homan, W. H. Wagoner, E. F. Jinkins.
5th Dist.—W. H. Jinkins, W. T. Ware, T. J. Crawford, T. H. Williams.
Delegates to State convention—D. T. Pitts, J. D. Phifer, G. W. Turner, Jas. Gordon, T. J. Crawford.
Delegates to senatorial convention—1st Dist.—J. T. Pitts, E. B. Nixon; 2nd Dist.—J. B. Wells, A. J. Gooch; 3rd Dist.—Dr. J. F. Prin, J. C. Caldwell; 4th Dist.—W. M. Roberson, J. E. Walker; 5th Dist.—Dr. J. M. Bell, T. J. Crawford.
It was requested of the Democrats to organize Democratic Clubs in different parts of the county, and report their organization to the chairman of the Executive committee.
It was left with the Democratic Executive committee to decide upon the course in pursue in reference to calling a primary election, and, if they see best to call a primary, that none but known Democrats be allowed to participate in said elections.
The Executive committee is hereby called to meet in the court house in the town of Pontotoc, July 25th, 1891.
The Memphis Appeal-Avalanche and Commercial, Pontotoc Democrat, New Albany Gazette, TUPELO JOURNAL, and Houston Free South were asked to publish the proceedings of the meeting.
T. H. WILLIAMS, Ch’m’n.
E. P. Pegues, Sect’y.

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