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The Alabama Enquirer
The Alabama Enquirer
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Description: Decatur Department

Date: December 25 1890

Newspaper published in: Hartselle, AL

Source: Madison County, AL Library

Page/Column: Page 3, Column 5

================ Page 3, Column 5 =================
Jas. Draper of Somerville was in the city Sunday.

Esq. Vaughn of Hillsboro paid Decatur a visit last Friday.

Miss Lillie Thompson of Trinity is visiting relative in Decatur this week.

Chas. Odom of Johnson City, Tenn., visited relatives in Decatur this week.

Dr. L. H. Grubbs visited Bowling Green, Kentucky, last Friday and Saturday.

Dr. V. O. Hawkins will soon begin the erection of a new Methodist church in Decatur.

A. L. Brown, a prominent young attorney of Hartselle, visited friends in Decatur Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Simpson of Danville visited Mr. R. H. Echols’ family Sunday and Monday.

Wm. Fowler, deputy Clerk of the Circuit court of Morgan County visited friends in Decatur Saturday.

Dr. J. L. Rountree, one of Hartselle’s wide awake young druggist was down Sunday to meet his best girl.

W. T. McDonald and Charles Acock, two of Decatur’s promising young men visited friends in Moulton Sunday.

Miss Pearl Bracken, daughter of Dr. H. T. Bracken, of Flint, is visiting her aunt, Miss Mollie Young this week.

Miss Madgie McGregor, daughter of prof. A. A. McGregor, Town Creek, passed through the city Sunday on her way to Hartselle to visit her sister Mrs. D. W. Day.

A sad accident occurred at Hillsboro last Saturday morning while Alfus Andrews, a twelve year old, and his Uncle Sam Brock were out bird hunting. His uncle was walking in front with his gun across his shoulder when it was accidently fired and struck and his little nephew in the forehead killing him almost instantly.

A man from Lawrence Co., by the name of McBride forged a check at the Exchange Bank in Decatur last week. McBride was present when Mr. E. S. Johnson was writing a check for someone and Johnson partly finished a check and threw it down on the floor and McBride seized the check, signed Johnson’s name to it and presented it to the bank. Mr. Hodges, the cashier, being familiar with Johnson’s handwriting suspected the trick and asked to be excused until he could go and see Johnson. While he was gone McBride fled but was captured and placed in jail.

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