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Tupelo Journal (MS)
Tupelo Journal (MS)
Contributed by klstacy_home

Description: Mr. Cook Utters Some Wise Words

Date: August 14 1891

Newspaper published in: Tupelo, MS

Source: Lee County, MS Library

Page/Column: Page 4, Column 5

Mr. Z. S. Cook, a farmer and Alliance man of Wilcox County, Ala., utters some wise words of warning to his brethren which are applicable to members of the Alliance in this State. The following is an extract from his letter:
I see it is being made an instrument in the hands of designing and unscrupulous men to enable them to ride into power and thereby gain selfish ends. Our white Alliancemen are being led around just as the negroes were in this county, a few years back. Don’t you see exactly where you stand? Right on a line with those ignorant people mentioned. You are even worse than they were, because you can read for yourselves, they couldn’t. If you do not see it, I and many others do. The Democratic Party in the South is being split, being divided. Who is doing this? It is the Republican Party at the North and West, under the name of some Alliance and some Third or People’s party.

Submitted: 12/30/18

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