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Description: The Knights of Honor Supper;
Somerville Items;
Cows Lost by Robinson

Date: January 1 1891

Newspaper published in: Hartselle, AL

Source: Madison County, AL Library

Page/Column: Page 3, column 4

================ Page 3, Column 4 =================
The Knights of Honor Supper
The Knights of Honor gave a supper at the Hartselle College on Friday night December 29th. It was a success from the beginning to the end. Everybody that was in attendance was delighted and more than pleased. The supper consisted of oysters in every style, chicken, turkey, ham, sausage, pickle, and bread. The desert consisted of cakes of all kinds, custards and pies. There were about two hundred persons present. Misses Viola Speaks and Maggie Radford furnished music on the organ and Messrs. Rob’t Sobotka and Alonza Collier on the violin.
After all had partaken of the supper to their satisfaction, the audience assembled in the Chapel Hall and he contest for the prize, of an elegant cake for the handsomest couple commenced. Messrs. T. J. Simpson, J. C. Ithea and W. V. Echols, were selected as the judges. Twenty couple entered the contest. The different couples were required to promenade twice on the rostrum in full view of the judges. A great deal of merriment over the couples was caused and everyone enjoyed it. The judges after mature consideration decided in favor of Capt. and Mrs. M. K. Mahan. They were called forward, and in a chaste speech, Dictator W. A. Boger presented the cake. Capt. Mahan responded in a beautiful little speech. After this contest, another cake was offered for the most popular couple in town and was decided by ballot. Miss Mattie Poteet and J. A. Rountree received the highest number of votes and were awarded the prize.
The supper was given to bring together the members of the Order and their families and to have an evening of enjoyment. It was truly a success.
The committee who had the supper under change and made such a success of the same were J. S. Mitchell, C. D. Smith, W. V. Echols, J. L. Rountree and W. A. Boger. Too much praise cannot be bestowed upon them.
James P. Morrow paid Decatur a business trip this week.

Rev. T. J. Weaver preached at Bethlehem church Sunday.

Mr. J. P. Cain and family have moved back to our town. We welcome them.

Rev. J. I. Stockton searched in the Baptist church Sunday. He has tendered his resignation as the pastor. A new one will be called soon.

Messrs. Wm. Fowler, Willie Weaver and P. A. Guyer, are the clerks in the Probate Judge’s office. James L. Draper has resigned and will return to his home at Apple Grove. He has made many friends during his stay in Judge Russell’s office and his many friends here regret his departure.

Marriage licenses have been issued out of the Probate Judge’s office during the past week to the following persons. George W. Key to Miss Annie C. Key, James Stovall to Mrs. Francis A. Clark, James Story to Miss Sarah E. Hill, Charles F. Sullivan to Miss C. B. Stover, Joseph Lee to Miss Etta Ransom, Thomas W. Tapscott to Miss Ida McCall, David Pendergram to Miss Augusta F. Baine.
One brindle cow with short tail, about seven years old.
One nice black heifer, 4 years old, straight back, some white about hips and flank.
One full-blooded Jersey, color, yellow, horns flat and short.
One half-breed Jersey, pale red, with dark points.
One red cow, five years old, with some brindle stripes.
One spotted cow with calf, one horn drops.
One red muly cow, round and good stock.
Any information leading to their recovery, will be liberally rewarded and thankfully received.
J. M. ROBINSON, Decatur, Ala.

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