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The Manning Times (SC)
The Manning Times (SC)
Contributed by klstacy_home

Description: Lad Cuts Man’s Throat in Defense of His Mother and Home

Date: March 4 1914

Newspaper published in: Manning, SC


Page/Column: Page 1, Column 1

Youth Slashes An Elderly Man, Defending
His Home, He Says, From Drunken Men.
Defending his mother and sister against the threatened onslaught of Cleveland Harrison, who with two other white men entered the home of Mrs. Killian in the Monaghan Mill village near Greenville Sunday morning, Robert Killian, 15 years old sprang from the bed and slashed the throat of Harrison with a razor he had snatched from the mantelpiece and so frightened the intruder's accomplices that they turned and fled. Harrison was carried to the city hospital where he now lies in a precarious condition.
A call for the sheriff was sent in by the family shortly after the cutting occurred and the Monaghan mill deputy was ordered to make an investigation. Robert Killian was arrested and carried to the county jail. The two unknown white men who entered the home with Harrison could not be located. Young Killian is a boy in knee-trousers and the fearless manner in which he drove the intruder from the home has been the cause of much comment. The boy said he was only defending his home.
"I had ordered the men to leave the house." said Killian from his cell. "They were drinking and annoying my mother and sister. It was two o'clock in the morning when they came to the house. We had all gone to bed when they banged on the door. They called for Henry, my brother, but were told he was not at home. One of the men said from the outside that he was cold and asked mama to let him in. She got out of bed, unbolted the door and built up a fire for them to warm by.
"After sitting about the fire awhile one of the men took a bottle of whiskey from his pocket, took a drink and passed it to the other fellows. They took several drinks apiece and soon they began to curse and abuse mama. I told them to leave the house. They only laughed at me. Harrison, who was drunker than the others, picked up a chair and said he was going to clean up the house. Mama and my sister were so frightened they didn't know what to do. When Harrison raised the chair, I leaped from bed, snatched a razor from the mantlepiece and slashed him across the throat."


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Submitted: 01/11/19

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