Water Valley Progress (MS)
Water Valley Progress (MS)
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Description: The State Convention - Democratic Party

Date: June 18 1904

Newspaper published in: Water Valley, MS

Source: Mississippi State University Library

Page/Column: Page 4, Column 1

Harmonious Meeting
Vigorous Platform
Parker Instruction
The Mississippi Democratic convention met in Jackson Wednesday with a large, distinguished and enthusiastic list of delegates in attendance.
The convention was called to order at 11:30 by Chairman Miller, of the State Executive Committee; Congressman Bowers was elected temporary chairman, ex-Congressman Fox, permanent chairman, and L. Pink Smith, of Washington County, secretary.
After the organization was completed and all delegates admitted to seats, Congressman John Sharp Williams, the minority leader in Congress, addressed the convention at length, enunciating with force and clearness the issues upon which the National campaign should be made, and closed with a strong plea for an instruction for Judge Parker.
Mr. Williams was followed by Senators Money and McLaurin and Gov. Vardaman in speeches ringing with enthusiasm and encouragement. During the course of his remarks Mr. Money opposed an instruction for Parker, while Mr. Vardaman spoke in favor of instruction.
The platform was drawn by Hon. John Sharp Williams and was enthusiastically adopted by a unanimous vote of the convention. It scores President Roosevelt and his administration; demands the nomination of a safe, sane and conservative man; the maintenance of the Monroe doctrine under a broad interpretation; an open door to the world’s commerce; that the Philippino’s be aided to gradually work out their own salvation; the upbuilding of the merchant marine, but not at public expense; decrease of the army and rational increase of the navy; reform in the National banking laws; honesty in the public service; reduction of the tariff, and other items of sound Democratic doctrine.
There is nothing new or radical in the platform, but on the contrary it is a safe, staunch, business-like utterance and one to which all Democrats may subscribe.
The delegates chosen from the state-at-large were, Williams, McLaurin, Money, Vardaman, Catchings, and Hooker, and the delegates were instructed to vote for Judge Parker.
The delegates from Yalobusha County in attendance on the convention were: C. V. Beadles, Geo. W. Armstrong, Coffeeville; A. P. Madison, Pine Valley; E. M. Baddley, J. G. McGowen, I. T. Blount, H. A. Lee and G. D. Brown, Water Valley.

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