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Huntsville Independent (AL)
Huntsville Independent (AL)
Contributed by klstacy_home

Description: Another Turn - of Official Guillotine for Two

Date: June 25 1885

Newspaper published in: Huntsville, AL

Source: Madison County, AL Library

Page/Column: Page 3, Column 4

Of the Official Guillotine. Two Offensive Partisans in
Alabama Made Subjects for the Bed
Advices from Washington indicate that the wheel of decapitation has reached a new turn for Alabama. Hon. Wm. H. Denson, of Gadsden, has been appointed United States District Attorney for the Northern and Middle Districts of Alabama, vice Geo. H. Craig, removed. Gen. W. W. Allen, Recorder of Montgomery, has been appointed Marshal for the Middle District, vice Speed, removed. Each of these removals was expected, and more are expected to follow. It was not doubted that the gentlemen named would succeed them. Messrs. Denson and Allen being endorsed by the Alabama Senators and Congressmen and otherwise very strongly recommended. The people need only be patient. All things will work together for the good of those who love and serve the Democratic Party! Thus runs the world, these days.

Submitted: 02/16/19

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