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The Cairo Bulletin
The Cairo Bulletin
Contributed by Gigimo

Description: Shot By His Wife. Frank HANDCAMP Receives a Bullet In His Breast From a Pistol in the Hands of His Wife.

Date: June 22 1880

Newspaper published in: Cairo, IL

Page/Column: 4/4

Frank HANDCAMP, a laborer in the round house, was, at noon yesterday, shot in the right breast by his wife, Lizzie. We have from an eye witness of the whole affair, that for some time HANDCAMP and his wife have lived like cats and dogs together - often quarreling and sometimes coming to blows. At noon yesterday when HANDCAMP came for his dinner, he found his wife under the influence of liquor, and after scolding her for awhile commenced beating her - knocked her down and then commenced choking her. At this stage our informant, who is a colored woman, and resides in the same house, interfered, and tried to get HANDCAMP to desist, which he finally did, but only to go out of the house after a piece of wood with which to club his wife. Upon being released and knowing his intention, the woman went into the front room of the house, and securing HANDCAMP'S pistol, which she found under his pillow confronted him with it when he came into the house again. Seeing that she had the pistol he cursed her, saying, "shoot g_d d_mn you, shoot." He repeated this several times pointing to his breast while he said so, and before he knew it she DID shoot - the force with which the bullet struck him prostrating him on the floor. He no sooner recovered from his surprise than he set up a cry that he was shot, etc., whereupon a crowd commenced gathering about the house. Doctors SULLIVAN and CARTER were soon on hand and commenced probing for the bullet, and while engaged in this, Mrs. HANDCAMP was taken to the county jail by Sheriff HODGES, and Constable WOOTEN.

No sooner did HANDCAMP see the officers take his wife in charge than he commenced denying the woman's guilt, and said that the shooting had been accidental. He told one man that the pistol had been cocked by becoming entangled in the bedclothes and another that it had slipped from his pillow and was discharged by falling upon the floor. But, of course, these stories of his are foundationless - as will appear when he evidence in the case is heard.

Although the bullet was not found, the doctors regarded the wound as by no means dangerous and believe that there is no real necessity for removing the same.

Submitted: 04/23/19

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