The Cairo Bulletin
The Cairo Bulletin
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Description: Atrocious Murder of Riley SMITH.

Date: June 24 1880

Newspaper published in: Cairo, IL

Page/Column: 1/5

Mr. Vernon, Ind., June 22.

We have just received the report of an atrocious murder, which was committed in the lower part of Union county, Ky., yesterday morning. Our informant says that Riley SMITH, a young and highly respected farmer, had a negro employed to work for him, but he discharged the negro Monday morning, and soon after SMITH started for his farm to work, and in going there had to pass through a narrow lane. Soon after starting through the lane SMITH was suddenly sprung upon by the negro whom he had discharged, knocked down with a fence rail, and then the bloodthirsty imp of Hades grappled his victim by the hair and with one sweep of a razor severed his jugular vein and windpipe, then disembowelled him, tore his heart out and threw it in a fence corner. Some neighbors who were a short distance away saw the trouble, and starting to the place frightened the negro away, and he started to make his escape through a woods pasture, but being closely pressed attempted to conceal himself in a hollow log, but was discovered, captured and taken to the Morganfield jail. There is great excitement in that community, and there are ten chances to one that the negro will be hanged to the limb of a tree before this reaches its readers.

Submitted: 05/16/19

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