Huntsville Independent (AL)
Huntsville Independent (AL)
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Description: The Decatur Homicide - Killing of Pink Brown

Date: April 1 1886

Newspaper published in: Huntsville, AL

Source: Madison County, AL Library

Page/Column: Page 3, Column 3

The Decatur Homicide
We take the following from the Decatur News; touching the killing of Pink Brown, col., by Jasper N. Couch, who married in Huntsville and lived here for a number of years:
On Tuesday last at 1 o’clock, an unfortunate affray occurred on the west side of the railroad in or near LaFayette Street, between Jasper N. Couch and Pink Brown, colored, which resulted in the instant death of the latter by two pistol shots in the hands of the former.
From the testimony elicited before the jury of inquest, it appears that Couch had, for safe keeping, a small sum of money belonging to Brown that Brown, while under the influence of whisky went to Couch’s yard gate and demanded the money; Couch proposed to send to his saloon and deliver it to him. This was unsatisfactory and sharp words passed until finally blows were struck, and after a brief tussle they separated. Only a moment afterwards; however, the conflict was renewed, when Couch fired upon Brown three times with a pistol, two of the shots taking effect, one entering under the arm and the other under the chin; both lodging at the base of the brain. Brown then ran a short distance, fell and expired at once.”
Couch was bound over in the sum of $12,000. We learn that Pink Brown came up to Huntsville on the six A. M., train, the day of the killing. He took several drinks and told one or more parties that he expected trouble with his “bro.” He returned to Decatur on the nine o’clock again.

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