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Huntsville Weekly Times (AL)
Huntsville Weekly Times (AL)
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Description: Fisk & Humphrey Deserve Your Patronage;
Ad for Rent by Mims;
Dr. Pride Fine Tomato Raiser

Date: August 5 1920

Newspaper published in: Huntsville, AL

Source: Madison County, AL Library

Page/Column: Page 4, Columns 3 & 4

================ Page 4, Column 3 =================
Fisk & Humphrey Motor Co.,
Deserve Your Patronage
Progressive Little Town of Madison Blessed With Splendid
Auto Garage Owned and Operated by Fisk & Humphrey
Who Secure Gould Battery Agency
Special to the Daily Times
Madison, Ala., August 5.—This part of Madison County is in fine shape, it has many good stores, a bank and other conveniences but above them all in the matter of public service must be considered the Fisk and Humphrey Motor Co., owned and operated as a partnership by and between G. L. Fisk and W. B. Humphrey, Jr. These young men are experts in their line, know their business and never turn out a job without it being first class.
The writer has just made a trip through their big garage at this place and finds it a credit to the community. Really Huntsville is in no better shape to turn out work than is the Fisk and Humphrey Motor Co., which by actual count it is said has twice as many modern tools as any garage at the county’s capitol.
Operating on a cash basis the Fisk & Humphrey Motor Co., is able to turn out work at a much cheaper price than it can be secured elsewhere and more promptly.
An expert for every line of work is on hand, every make care can find ready and expert service in this shop.
Fisk & Humphrey Motor Co., carries the genuine parts for Ford cars and are equipped to execute orders for repairs on all make cars, special attention being given to tractors, autos, trucks, wheel barrows, bicycles, etc.
A complete welding outfit is operated and in a very few days electric storage battery conveniences will be installed for recharging batteries, and by the way in this connection car owners in this section of North Alabama will be pleased to learn that they can now secure the famous Gould Battery here, the Fisk & Humphrey Motor Co., having taken over this agency.
A convenient storage department is also operated by the Fisk & Humphrey Motor Co., and is liberally patronized by those who appreciate good service.
The writer might also drop a timely word for the benefit of car owners in this section. They should appreciate this splendid garage, it is a fine thing to have and should for lack of proper patronage or otherwise the concern should go elsewhere it would take a long time and lots of money to replace it. The owners of the Fisk & Humphrey Motor Co., are not in business for their health. They are glad to render public service, respond to nearly every kind of a call from cutting a ring off of a lady’s swollen finger to that of rebuilding the larges cars and tractors, but it takes cash and lots of it. So as a gentle trip to the car owners of this section it would be a fine thing to give the Fisk & Humphrey Motor Co., a good patronage. They’ll do you good work and that’s all you want, together with courteous service and treatment. This is the only way Fisk & Humphrey know how to serve you.
In passing the writer would call your attention to the advertisement of the Fisk & Humphrey Motor Co., in the Huntsville Daily Times. Practically everybody in this whole section of Madison County, Limestone and this trade territory are readers of that newspaper and it is for your convenience that the Fisk & Humphrey Motor Co., are carrying their daily messages to you through it. Read their garage new in The Daily Times and profit by giving them your patronage. Aug 5 1t.
FOR RENT: I am moving to the Mims apartments with my family and will rent my home corner Holmes and Fifth streets. Apply to Dr. W. S. Mims. 3-3t.

================ Page 4, Column 4 =================
The friends of Dr. W. T. Pride is given up to be one of the best tomato raisers in Madison County. He makes a specialty of the Ponderosa tomato, which is practically seedless and averages in weight two or more pounds. And above it all, Dr. Pride is said to be the best eater of tomatoes in the county, his average annual consumption of this fruit ranging from 25 to 50 gallons. Dr. Pride is a resident of Madison, Ala.

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