Huntsville Weekly Times (AL)
Huntsville Weekly Times (AL)
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Description: President Kennamer Confers with Union Officials

Date: September 2 1920

Newspaper published in: Huntsville, AL

Source: Madison County, AL Library

Page/Column: Page 1, Column 2

By The Associated Press
Montgomery, Ala., September 2.—J. R. Kennamer, president of the Alabama division united mine workers, conferred here today with other union officials on plans for carrying out the general strike in the local fields ordered yesterday by John L. Lefis [sic: Lewis], National President of the organization.
The order for a general strike in this state did not occasion any surprise in industrial circles. Hundreds of miners have already quit their jobs and several of the mines have been shut down for more than a month partly because of the walk out and partly on account of the shortage of cars.
On May 6, approximately 2,000 miners walked out. Their ranks were increased gradually and at present about 3,000 are on strike. Twenty thousand men are employed in the local fields.
Striking miners have received liberal support from their local and national organizations. Operators claim production has not decreased since the walk out and have quoted figures to show it is greater than at this time last year. Union leaders claim production is almost at a standstill. To date only one clash has occurred as a result of the strike. A miner named Hicks was shot to death at Carbon Hill following a quarrel at a coal company commissary.

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