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Huntsville Independent (AL)
Huntsville Independent (AL)
Contributed by klstacy_home

Description: Huntsville Female College; Court News;
A Gala Day at Hazel Green;
L. D. Godfrey Candidate for Solicitor

Date: May 27 1886

Newspaper published in: Huntsville, AL

Source: Madison County, AL Library

Page/Column: Page 3, Columns 4 & 5

================ Page 3, Column 4 =================
Program of Commencement Exercises
Sunday, May 30, 10:30 a.m. Commencement sermon by Rev. Joseph H. Erwin, of Tennessee Conference. Eight o’clock p.m. sermon by Rev. Thomas Armstrong, North Alabama Conference.
Monday, May 31, 9 a.m. Art Levee. 3 p.m. Annual meeting Board of Trustees. 8 p.m. Graduating essays and presentation of prizes.
Tuesday, June 1, 9 a.m. Graduating essays and presentation of medals. Annual address, Rev. W. B. Murrah, of North Mississippi Conference. 8 p.m. Elocution exhibition—reading reports and presentation of medals to successful contestants in tragedy and comedy.
Wednesday, June 2 9 a.m. (Commencement day) Graduation essays and exercises—Rev. Warner Moore of Memphis Conference. Presentation of Bibles and conferring degrees by the President. 8 p.m. Annual Concert.
Chancery Court convened, Monday, Chancellor S. K. McSpadden presiding. The business of the court is progressing steadily.
Circuit Court will convene here Monday, June 11.
Jurors for first week including grand jury for the term—John W. Hobbs, A. J. Freeman, N. P. Taylor, Madison Cross Roads; James H. Bone, Wm. G. Dickson, J. Henry Landman, W. T. Duncan, F. M. __, Wm. H. Echols, Thos. F. Mastin, W. R. Van Valkenburg, Burwell J. Curry, Huntsville; J. H. Buford, Jas. E. Butler, J. W. Martin, Poplar Ridge; Frank Thompson, E. L. Pettus, John W. Garner, D. R. Walls, Cluttsville; C. C. Taylor, G. A. Morris, D. C. Gardiner, Whitesburg; J. E. Wiggins, T. M. Gillespie, T. J. Cain, J. W. Lynch, Madison; J. W. Carpenter, W. T. Hamer, A. D. Wilhelms, Wm. Drake, Vienna; Berry Hastings, W. H. Hughes, Owen’s Cross Roads; G. W. Sweeney, N. M. Rowe, A. J. Proctor, Triana; B. L. Coyle, Hayes’ Store; Lemuel H. Lewis, Thos. P. Gurley, Gurley’s; J. A. Douglass, Chris. Hone, Merdianville; Wm. F. Laxson, J. H. Latham, New Market; G. B. Conally, W. A. Sanford, John W. Grayson, Collier’s; Wm. Lanier, Lanier’s; Floyd H. Gilliam, John Lawler, Maysville; George W. Vaughan, Madison No. 2.
================ Page 3, Column 5 =================
Petit Jurors, Second Week—W. L. Martin, J. W. Farley, Madison; C. M. Davis, J. H. McMullen, Whitesburg; W. A. Walls, Robt. T. Lawler, Thos. J. Morring, Maysville; W. B. Hussey, W. E. Matthews, A. F. Steele, A. L. Blunt, Meridianville; Wm. M. Holding, A. F. Murry, Jno. R. Yeatman, M. B. Neece, Harry S. Nance, Robert C. Smith, W. J. Parton, Huntsville; J. H. Thompson, Madison No. 2; G. W. Butler, Thos. C. Stewart, Vienna; W. R. Day, B. G. Laxson, Cluttsville; G. M. Gibson, Gurleys; Jno. Jordan, Laniers; H. W. Ramsey, B. C. Wooden, Poplar Ridge; J. W. Latham, Hayes Store; Wm. H. Sharpe, Wells; T. B. Hatchett, Madison Cross Roads.
Petit Jurors, Third Week—F. T. Givins, J. T. Cushing, Jno. B. Hinds, Colliers; James M. Taylor, R. C. Hunkapillar, C. L. Whited, Vienna; Larkin Farriss, colored, Hayes’ Store; J. C. Vann, J. R. Stegall, C. H. Halsey, Levi Scruggs, colored, W. T. Malone, A. R. Sadler, Luke Matthews, Huntsville; J. W. Harless, J. L. Taylor, M. D. Scroggins, Poplar Ridge; Jas. D. Rice, Whitesburg; W. J. Parnam, Hazel Green; George Allen, Lanier’s; C. C. Scott, colored, G. T. Bennett, Gurley’s; W. J. Sibley, J. N. Moon, Owen’s Cross Roads; J. P. Hawk, S. L. Darwin, Meridianville; R. R. Nance, Cluttsville; J. F. Abernathy, W. L. Hatley, Madison; D. H. Turner, Madison Cross Roads.
Petit Jurors, fourth week: J. H. Burrow, L. J. Wright, C. Woodward, Whitesburg; J. M. Whittaker, G. T. Hodges, W. P. Lusk, (dead) J. R. Russell, Poplar Ridge; R. C. Coons, T. F. Gurley, L. M. Sublett, Gurleys;
Andrew Jackson (colored), Andrew Jackson Ragsdale, Jno. L. Cawthorn, Maysville; W. F. Garth, D. H. Lester, J. B. Foster, J. R. Ford, Chris McDonnell, L. G. Malone, S. H. Russell, Huntsville; R. N. Strong, O. F. White, J. A. Strong, Meridianville; D. W. Beadle (colored), Triana; R. P. Riddle, R. W. Ellett, Owens Cross roads; J. W. David, Colliers; W. W. Hawkins, Wells; T. P. Robertson, (dead) Madison No. 2.
A Gala Day at Hazel Green
HAZEL GREEN, ALA., May 21, ‘86
Editor Independent:
The people, especially the young, of our pleasant, thriving little village and community had a gala time, Friday evening, the 21st inst. It was gotten up as a birth-day celebration, for that pleasant, affable young gentleman, Mr. Henry Whitaker of Fayetteville, Tenn. The programme was as follows: an ice-cream and strawberry festival at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Lowe, which was simply superb and highly enjoyable to all. The company then repaired to the residence of Mr. J. H. Oldfield where they were kindly welcomed and received by his splendid lady, the object being to spend the balance of the evening in dancing and other social amusements. Soon the Yates string band of Fayetteville, began discoursing sweet and thrilling music, and soon they were gaily whirling in the mazy dance. Your city was represented by the charming young ladies, Misses Fannie & Lizzie Landman, and by Mr. Jimmie Landman, Meridianville was here in the smiles of blushing May in the persons of the beautiful Misses Grantlin, Gracie Morrison, Miss Mayhew, and two Misses Watts; also several of her young gentlemen. From New Market, the charming Miss Loula Douglass, a niece of Mrs. P. S. Townsend. We notice several popular young men from Fayetteville; Dr. W. W. Christian, Geo. Goodrich, Jr., Mr. Solomon, and others.
Yours &c. HAZEL GREEN.
L. D. Godfrey
HUNTSVILLE, May 24, 1886
Editor Independent:
I am informed that Mr. L. D. Godfrey will be a candidate before the next General Assembly, for Solicitor of the Sixth Judicial Circuit. Permit me, Mr. Editor, a small space in your valuable paper, in which to say a few words in his behalf. In the first place, he is well qualified to fill the position and will make an efficient office: In the second place he is a needy man, having a large family to support: last but not least, he is a maimed Confederate soldier, having lost an arm in the late war; hence his claims should have a careful consideration by our representatives in our next Legislature. If the representatives of Madison can consistently give him their support, Mr. Godfrey and his friends will feel quite grateful to them for so doing; besides they will have the proud; consciousness of aiding one who is needy and deserving. FRIEND.

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