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Huntsville Independent (AL)
Huntsville Independent (AL)
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Description: State Executive Committee - Decision in Morgan County Contest

Date: July 22 1886

Newspaper published in: Huntsville, AL

Source: Madison County, AL Library

Page/Column: Page 1, Column 7

================ Page 1, Column 7 =================
Their Decision in the Morgan County Contest
The Democratic State Executive Committee met pursuant to adjournment at the committee rooms, corner of Perry and Washington streets, at 11 o’clock yesterday morning.
The following gentlemen were present: H. C. Thompkins, E. W. Pettus, H. D. Clayton, Jr., J. A. Holmes, J. B. Knox, J. M. White, Thos. G. Jones, J. N. Arrington, D. G. Dunklin, Shirley Bragg, A. G. Smith, S. A. Wood, Emmett O’Neal and J. J. Barclay.
The minutes of the previous meeting was read and adopted.
A motion was offered that the Morgan County contest be taken up, and that both sides be heard, pending which Mr. White offered a motion that the committee decline to assume jurisdiction over, or to inquire into, the Morgan county matter, which motion was tabled.
The original motion was then adopted.
The Morgan county case was opened and argued by Messrs. Blackwell and Shacleford appearing for the Wheeler, and Messrs. Skeggs and West for the Richardson faction.
After argument a resolution, offered at a previous meeting of the committee by Mr. S. A. Wood, and at that time tabled, was taken from the table and re-introduced. The resolution refuses to recognize either of the two claimants before the committee, and recognizes as the regular democratic organization of Morgan County the executive committee appointed by the county convention held in 1884.
Mr. offered a substitute, recognizing the committee headed by Dr. J. B. West which was tabled.
Mr. Pettus offered as an amendment that the primary election, ordered for the 2nd of August, is without authority and that it is not binding on the democratic party.
The amendment was accepted by Mr. Wood.
Mr. White offered as an amendment that the action of the old executive committee, is for the purpose of having party machinery in Morgan County to conduct the state campaign. This amendment was also accepted and the resolution as amended was then adopted, after which the committee adjourned to 5 p.m.
The committee was called to order at the afternoon session by the chairman at 5 p.m.
The following resolution was offered by Mr. Knox and unanimously adopted:
Resolved. That the secretary of this committee furnish the press with an official list of the chairmen of the democratic and conservative party of this state who are regularly organized, and through whom this committee will act in conducting the present canvass.
Mr. O’Neal offered a resolution that the resolution of this convention in reference to the Morgan county matter shall not be construed as deciding that the congressional delegation selected by the mass meeting presided over by Dr. J. B. West, was selected regularly or irregularly, or contrary to the usages of the democratic party. Lost.
A motion by Mr. White to reconsider the vote by which the original Morgan county resolution was adopted was lost.
A communication from W. H. Lawson, in reference to the ratio of representation, was read and ordered filed until the proper time to consider that subject.
The following resolution of Mr. White was unanimously adopted.
“Resolved. That, recognizing the great services rendered by Walter L. Bragg to our party, and his eminent legal ability, we respectfully and earnestly recommend him to the president for the appointment as solicitor-general for the United States.”
The committee then adjourned.

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