Huntsville Independent (AL)`
Huntsville Independent (AL)`
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Description: Wheeler - Voice of People Heard at 8th Convention

Date: August 19 1886

Newspaper published in: Huntsville, AL

Source: Madison County, AL Library

Page/Column: Page 3, Column 4

================ Page 3, Column 4 =================
The Voice of the People Distinctly Heard
Everyone Vote in the Convention Gives Echo to Name
One Hundred and Twenty-nine Votes for Wheeler
Harmony and Enthusiasm Prevail
Characteristic Speech by Our Gallant Nominee
Judge Richardson Writes a Letter of Withdrawal
At 10 A.M., Tuesday, August 17, Hon. C. C. Harris, Chairman of the Democratic Executive Committee of the Eighth Congressional District, called the Convention to order in a commodious hall, at Decatur. Rev. Mr. Armstrong opened with an appropriate prayer. After stating that the object of the Convention was to nominate a candidate for Congress, Mr. Harris stated that he was directed by the Executive Committee to propose Gen. S. H. Moore, of Huntsville, as temporary chairman. Mr. Harris made a motion to that effect which was carried unanimously. Upon assuming the chair, General Moore expresses his thanks for the honor conferred he said that they had met together “not as Wheeler men, not as Richardson men, but as Democrats of the Eighth District.”
[Prolonged Applause.]
Mr. James Armstrong, of the Scottsboro Citizen, was made temporary Secretary and Mr. D. C. White, of the Moulton Advertiser, was made assistant Secretary.
The chairman of the several county delegations were made to constitute a committee on permanent organization and Mr. Blackwell, of Morgan, was made chairman of this Committee, (Mr. R. P. Whitman representing Madison). This committee reported through its chairman in favor of making the temporary organization permanent, which report was adopted.
Chairman Moore called Gen. John D. Rather, of Colbert, to the chair and read the following:
To the Hon. Chairman, Democratic
Convention of the 8th Congressional District.
My candidacy for the Democratic nomination for Congress has heretofore been publicly announced, and is generally known to the people of the District.
I have earnestly and honorably sought the high honor of receiving the Democratic nomination for Congress in this District, and it is gratifying to me to know, that, in the efforts I have made, I have had the earnest cooperation and cordial support of many kind and generous friends, to whom I am now, and will ever be profoundly grateful.
Under existing circumstances, I feel that it would not only be unjust to my party, but is would misrepresent the feelings and wishes of my friends and myself, should I continue to urge my candidacy.
Democrats who are truly attached to the principles and teachings of their party will always make their allegiance and fidelity to their choice for a nomination subservient to the welfare, harmony and success of their party.
It shall be my pleasure and my pride, in the future as in the past, to devote my time, and such abilities as I possess, to the success and permanent establishment of the great principles of the Democratic Party. With the sincerest expressions of gratitude to the friends who have aided me, and with the hope and belief that the proceedings of your honorable Convention will be pleasant and harmonious and its nominee triumphantly elected in November next, I respectfully ask that my name be not submitted to the convention.
The reading of the above letter was greeted with hearty applause. Gen. Rather (in the chair) asked what was the sense of the convention and then state that it would be received and filed.
On motion of Mr. Shackelford, the roll of delegates as given in from each county was then read, as follows (some of which constitute the full list of delegates, while others constitute the names only of delegates who were present):
C. M. Porter, W. B. Smith, Wm. H. Christian, Wm. Brittain, Robt. L. Hurt, W. A. Caffey, L. R. Roach, A. L. Wheeler, Elisha Stogsdile, Wm. H. Hurt, James Jordan, Sr., A. W. Woosley, F. O. Hurt, Silas Smith, Nelson Kyle, T. J. Robinson, Hugh Gilmore, Saml Butler, S. G. Grimmett, James M. Thompson, W. L. Martin, T. Boyd Foster.
Alternates—Ed. McMahan, C. B. Roach, Jr., M. P. James, R. A. Coffey, T. N. Allison, W. B. Campbell, S. R. Corn, James M. Proctor, Geo. Chapman, Saml Kennemer, J. W Moodey, W. R. Larkin, F. G. Petty, C. W. Atkins, D. M. Cowley, W. H. Woodall, Jno. F. Clarke, Richd Robinson, Edward Robinson, J. T. Anderson, James E. Parkerson, F. J. Graham.
Delegates—J. D. Rather, W. A. Johnson, A. J. Moses, M. H. Golden, P. N. G. Rand, L. T. Pride, J. N. Thompson, M. S. McReynolds.
Delegates—Robt McFarland, H. A. Killen, W. W. Bayless, S. C. Brewer, W. E. Blair, Y. R. Morrison, John Anderson, Andrew Brown, G. W. Dalrymple, J. B. Weakley, T. E. Barry, H. C. Jones, W. J. Kernachan, G. P. Jones.
L. H. Scruggs, P. M. Dox, E. R. Matthews, C. J. Mastin, H. S. Bradford, H. G. Poore, S. H. Lowry, J. D. Humphrey, S. H. Moore, R. E. Pettus, R. P. Whitman, Allison Fugua, J. M. Jones, W. W. Drake, D. H. McLain, E. F. Walker, John W. Grayson, J. H. Atchley, W. T. Hamer, A. J. Ha_ne, L. R. Ross, W. F. Gardner, Isaac F. Duloney, W. T. Garner, Wm. M. High, James Pearson, Thos. Harton, G. N. Jones.
================ Page 3, Column 5 =================
C. C. Harris, J. D. Smith, Saml Blackwell, Robt F. Orr, A. W. Hampton, T. L. Simpson, W. T. Crawford, C. Johnson, Col. Johnson, Jno. R. Fowler, J. W. Hampton, Jas. Shackelford, D. H. McClellan, S. A. Sparkman, E. J. St. John, H. G. Whisenant.
Jno. E. Logwood, H. M. Sowell, R. L. Thomas, A. B. Crutcher, W. R. Hanserd, Jr., J. J. F. Legg, Robert Echols, Robt. Sandlin, R. N. Cartwright, James M. Hendricks, Perry Henderson, L. Lucas, H. T. Peebles, W. H. Blackwell, J. M. Burns.
W. M. Smith, Wm. Rollins, H. C. Hughes.
E. H. Foster, D. C. White, J. L. James, J. J. Barclay, R. B. Porter, D. S. King, W. R. Harris, D. L. Spangler, J. H. Dean, W. A. Lee, J. L. Stiles, J. T. Delashaw, W. T. Pruett.
The following were appointed a Committee on Platform and Resolutions and to create a new Executive Committee:
Foster, of Lawrence, Shackelford, of Morgan, Jones of Lauderdale, Martin of Jackson, Pettus, of Madison, Hughes of Franklin, Moses, of Colbert and Peebles, of Limestone.
Hon. Robert McFarland, of Lauderdale, moved that, without any unnecessary remarks, they proceed to nominate General Wheeler for Congress, by acclamation. Mr. George P. Jones, of Lauderdale, moved in lieu that they proceed to call the roll of counties on this subject which motion in lieu was adopted!
As the counties were severally called they voted as follows, each chairman of the several county delegations announcing the vote and each announcement being greeted with enthusiastic applause:
For Hon. Joseph Wheeler:--Colbert 11, Franklin 9, Jackson 22, Lauderdale 14, Limestone 15, Madison 28, Morgan 16.—Total 129.
A committee of eight, with Mr. Smith, of Franklin, as chairman was appointed to notify General Wheeler of his nomination. The committee in a short while appeared with General Wheeler, who moved up the hall to the front in the midst of a tremendous bust of applause.
Mr. President and Gentlemen of the Convention:
[Transcription Note: Long speech with no personal dated not included in this transcription.]
================ Page 3, Column 6 =================
Mr. W. L. Martin, of Jackson offered a resolution for a general plan for the selection of delegates to the convention. Unanimously adopted.
C. C. Harris of Morgan, Chairman; Robert McFarland, of Lauderdale, H. C. Hughes of Franklin, Dr. J. J. Barclay (Secretary) of Lawrence, W. B. Francis of Limestone, W. R. Francis of Limestone, Rostan Betts of Madison, W. D. Martin, of Jackson, Ed. B. Almon, of Colbert.
After returning thanks to the Chairman and Secretaries and to the Executive Committee for faithful and satisfactory work, the Convention adjourned Sine die.
Dr. Cross, of Decatur, was quite content with the situation.

Mr. Geo. B. Gill was there and enjoyed it all, to the fullest.

It was monstrous hot, General Wheeler was the coolest man to be seen.

Frank Coleman, Esq., was on hand, to get details for the Huntsville INDEPENDENT.

Mr. Geo. P. Landman and Capt. Dan. Turner reveled in the harmonies of the occasion.

Col. Bill Johnson, of Tuscumbia, and Captain Paul King, of Lawrence, were present, beaming and happy.

Rostan Betts, Esq., our efficient county chairman, and Hon. O. R. Hundley were among the lookers on from Huntsville.

Big-hearted and big-brained Hon. Robert McFarland, of Lauderdale, talked sense every time he opened his month.

Bob. Mason, of Athens, was mighty sorry he couldn’t get there until the afternoon train, but Bob was happy, all the same.

R. P. Whitman, of New market, Allison Fugua, of Plevna, Samuel H. Moore, of Huntsville, William T. Garner, of Madison, R. E. Pettus of Cluttsville and W. T. Hamer, of Vienna.

When W. L. Martin, of Jackson, concluded some eloquent and forcible remarks with the prediction that Jackson would give Wheeler a majority of more than one thousand, the rafters and roof vibrated with the tremendous applause.

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