St Paul Weekly Dispatch
St Paul Weekly Dispatch
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Date: November 13 1902

Newspaper published in: St Paul, Minnesota


In a vine covered cottage at Dickens, Clay County, Iowa , live Mr and Mrs Gore A. Warren. Casting about for something to do which will crown their years of usefulness, they decided to give away their farm in the interest of education. And so it was that Morningside College of Sioux City, the direct charge of the Northwest Iowa Conference of the Methodist Church, has been made the recipient of a handsome gift of $15,000 worth of property. The College is to pay Mr and Mrs Warren 5 per cent of the value of the farm yearly, as long as either one shall live. Upon their death the College gets the title to the valuable farm, constantly increasing in value.
Benevolence is one of the strongest traits of a character noticeable in these two lovable old people. They gave their only son a fine farm, and when his daughter came of age they gave her a tract of land valued at $10,000. She had attended Morningside College and for this reason the Warrens had their attention drawn to this particular institution when they decided to give away their farm. "Under the Jewish dispensation " says Mr Warren " it was the best that was taken to the temple for sacrifice , so we have given the best of our property to the glory of God."

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