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Description: January 7, 21, & 28, 1871

Date: January 1871

Newspaper published in: San Luis Obispo


Vol. 1 San Luis Obispo, California Saturday, January 7, 1871 No. 48

ESCAPED FROM CUSTODY, Doc STEWART the notorious horse and cattle thief in these Southern counties and one Frank ARIAS, the principal witness against the murderer of Gregoria APODACA, and who was detained in jail "in default of finding recognizances" escaped out of the County Jail on last Wednesday evening, and up to the hour of going to press they were still at large. We have investigated the matter as much as our means of information would permit, and have failed to find cause to blame our Sheriff. If new locks would be supplied and a few repairs made to the jail, we have not the least doubt that in future our prisoners would be perfectly secure.

As we go to press we learn that ARIAS was captured near San Marcos in this county, and is now lodged in jail.

Hon. P. De La GUERRA-Judge

Wednesday, Jan. 4th, 1871. The People vs Vicente ARIAS-Indictment for murder. Defendant was arraigned and pleaded Not Guilty.

The People vs Pedro ZALAZAR-Indictment for murder. Defendant arraigned, and allowed until Friday to plead.

Domingo PUJOL vs George HEARST-Libel. Continued for the term.

D.W. JAMES vs Patrick DUNN-Judgment for plaintiff.

N. and I. GOLDTREE vs William STENNER-Judgment for plaintiffs.

Ramona HILLARD vs Romualdo PACHECO et als. Walter MURRAY appointed guardian "adlitem" for infant defendants.

A. BLOCKMAN & Co. vs William LANGLOIS et als.-set for trial on Friday.

Miguel AVILA et als. Vs David P. MALLAGH. Two cases-transferred to the District Court of the 12th Judicial District.

The tax cases on the calendar were referred to the Court Commissioner.

A venire of trial jurors for the term, of thirty persons, was ordered to be drawn and summoned, returnable at 2 P.M., of Monday, January 9th, 1871.

Friday, Jan. 5th,
The People vs Pedro ZALAZAR-Defendant pleads not guilty.

A. BLOCKMAN & CO. vs Wm. LANGLOIS et als.-This case is on trial before the Court sitting without a Jury. Testimony not closed and continued until tomorrow.

Adjourned until to-day at 1 o'clock P.M.

I.O.O.F.-The following persons were elected officers of Chorro Lodge, No. 168, on Saturday last: H.B. PALMER, N.G.; M. HENDERSON, V.G.; Henry LOOBLINER, Secretary and Henry FRANCIS, Treasurer.

The following were elected officers for Hesperian Lodge, No. 181. Cambria, on the evening of Jan. 3d, 1871.

G.T. DAVIS, N.G; C.J. RUSSELL, V.G; F.F. LETCHER, Sec. And M.B. MARTIN, Treasurer.

OPPOSITION STEAMER.-The Wm. Tabor put into our port yesterday, bringing the following passengers: E. LAZAR, F. JOHNSON, B.F. TUCKER, Wm. MILLER AND T.G. BLOSSOM.

She'll be here on the 10th inst on her way to San Francisco.

NEW SALOON.-Our friend CAPPE opened his magnificent saloon on New Years Eve. We are glad to see that he is receiving the patronage that is justly due him from the public. Mr. C. deserves success.

BORN-At the Paso Robles Springs, San Luis Obispo County, January 1st, 1871, to the wife of D.W. JAMES, a daughter.

MARRIED.-In San Francisco, at the residence of the bride's father, January 1st, 1871. by Rev. Horation STEBBINS, Alfred H. SMITH and Miss Jennie EATON.

Vol. 1 San Luis Obispo, California Saturday, January 14, 1871 No. 49

Vol. 1 San Luis Obispo, California Saturday, January 21, 1871 No. 50

SINGULAR REQUEST.-The will of Dr. Isaac ROWELL, who died suddenly in San Francisco last week, has been filed for Probate. After making a disposition of his property, he then inserts the following clause in regard to the disposition of his body.

"After death I wish my body to be dissected by my medical friends, the soft parts burned and the ashes preserved in an urn, the skeleton wired well together, and both kept in some medical college or university in San Francisco. But in case my wife should wish for them, it is my will that they be delivered to her in case she is willing to pay the expense of their preparation."

The will is dated the 26th day of October, 1867.

OFF FOR ANALYSIS.-George POMEROY, Esq., well known in this community by the sobriquet of "Brick," left on Wednesday morning with about twelve hundred pounds of sugar beet root, destined for the Alvarado sugar beet mill to undergo an analysis for sugar. It strikes us that Mr. POMEROY means business. He certainly takes a practical view of the industry he has so much at heart, and we wish him and his enterprise the success he so richly deserves. Go it "Brick," and may the God of fortune crown your effort with the biggest kind of a sugar mill. We await the result of his analysis with more than ordinary interest.-Salinas Standard.

Hon. P. De La GUERRA-Judge
January Term, 1870. (It is shown1870 but think it should be 1871)

People vs. Vicente ARIAS-Found guilty of murder in the second degree.

People vs. Pedro ZALAZAR-Nolle prosequi entered.

W.C. RICKARD vs. Needham GILLESPIE-Continued.

Ramona HILLARD vs. R. PACHECO et als.-Submitted and taken under advisement.

People vs. J.J. PICO-Dismissed.

People vs. P. DUNN-Plaintiff allowed twenty days to answer and file amended complaint.

Adolph RAUER-Admitted to citizenship.

People vs. Vicente ARIAS-Murder-Sentenced to the State Prison for the term of his natural life.

Geo. HEARST vs. R. PACHECO-Report of Referees, stating that partition could not be made, filed. Decree ordering sale, made.-All further proceeding continued till next term.

People vs. P. DUNN-Defendant allowed twenty days to file answer.

J.P. ANDREWS vs. R.D. COOK, et als.-Judgment for plaintiff.

The Court made the following orders:
It appearing to this Court that the Board of Supervisors of the County of San Luis Obispo, though often requested, have failed to provide Chambers for the use of the Judge of the Court, suitable and sufficient for the transaction of business. It is;

Ordered, and the Sheriff is hereby directed to provided such Chambers, together with lights, stationery, etc., as provided by law. It is further

Ordered, That the expense thereof be paid out of the County Treasury of said county.

Ordered, That the Clerk erase from all judgments, rendered in tax cases at the last term of the Court, all entries adjudging costs against the Plaintiffs.

The order heretofore made retaining F. ARIAS as witness, was rescinded.

The Court adjourned for the term.

DOC. STEWART.-This notorious horse and cattle thief, who recently escaped from our county jail, has again been captured. A telegraphic dispatch was received here on last Thursday evening. Stating that the bird had been caged at Stockton.-Under Sheriff MORRIS left this place for Stockton on yesterday, for the purpose of bringing the thief to this county for trial. Our county has already expended considerable money for him, and if he is not convicted, because of some technicality in law, he should be notified to leave the county with the threat that if he did not he would be dealt with according to "Mob Law," which we are in favor of in such cases. It is supposed that he will be convicted of the crime of grand larceny for stealing a horse, at the time that he escaped, from one SOTO, who lives on the Moro. This crime can be proven if no other. It is time that such fellows should have the screws tightened.

UNDER SHERIFF MORRIS left yesterday morning for San Quentin, having in charge Vicente ARIAS, who was convicted at the last term of the District Court in and for this county, of the crime of murder, and sentenced to the State's Prison for the term of his natural life. Ned will, before returning home, visit Stockton and take charge of Doc. STEWART, who was recently arrested there.

ILL.-We are sorry to learn that P.A. FORRESTER, Superintendent of Public Schools in this county, is lying ill at the residence of Senor J.J. PICO, in town.

MR. Amos L. WILLIAMS, a deaf mute man is canvassing this town for subscribers to a book entitled "One Hundred Years' Progress of the United States." It is a fine work, and should be found in every man's library.

GRAND LARCENY,--Francisco ARIAS brother of the murderer of Pedro APODACA was examined on Tuesday last, before Justice SIMMLER, on a charge of grand larceny and was committed to jail to await the action of the Grand Jury.

FOR GOOD GRUB go to Mrs. BONILLA'S Restaurant at the Court House building.

By Virtue Of A Copy Of A Decree and order of sale issued out of the District Court of the First Judicial District, County of San Luis Obispo, tested January 13th, 1871, in the suit of H. ROTHSCHILD vs. James WHITE, et al, I will sell at public auction, in front of the Court House door, in the Town of San Luis Obispo, in said county, on the 4th day of February, A.D. 1871, at 12 M. those lots of lands in said county, being Lots four, (4) five (5) and six (6), of section six (6); and lots three (3), four (4) and five (5), of section three (3) Township thirty (30), south of range eleven (11) east, Mount Diablo Meridian, containing about two hundred (200) acres in all, and all the right, title and interest now owned by said James WHITE therein and which he owned therein on the 19th day of January, 1870, or so much thereof as will be sufficient to make five hundred and forty-nine dollars and eighty-seven cents ($549.87), besides costs and accruing costs, and expenses of sale.-Term!
s, cash in U.S. Gold Coin.
Jose A. De La GUERRA

Vol. 1 San Luis Obispo, California Saturday, January 28, 1871 No. 51

The Sacramento Reporter gives the following named persons as the candidates for nomination at the hands of the Democratic State Convention:

For Governor.
Governor H.H. HAIGHT, of Alameda; Lieutenant Governor, William HOLDEN of Mendocino; Hon J.A. JOHNSON, member of Congress of Sierra; Colonel Philip REACH, formerly State Senator, now of the Examiner, of San Francisco; Thomas Findley, ex-State Treasurer, of Nevada; Hon. James W. MANDEVILLE, State Senator, of Tuolumne; William WATT, ex-State Senator, of Nevada; Hon. N. Greene CURTIS, State Senator of Sacramento; Hon. S.B. AXTELL, member of Congress, of San Francisco; Dr. A.J. BOWIE, of San Francisco; Hon. C.T. RYLAND, ex-Speaker of Assembly, of Santa Clara; Hon. John S. HAGER, Senator, of San Francisco.

For Lieutenant Governor.
Hon. E.J. LEWIS, Senator, of Tehama; Hon. Frank MCCOPPIN, ex-Mayor of San Francisco; Hon. Charles MACLAY, Senator, of Santa Clara; Hon. Charles GILDEA, Assemblyman, of El Dorado.

Secretary Of State.
Dr. H.L. NICHOLS, present incumbent, Sacramento; Lewis HARRIS, Deputy Secretary of State, Sacramento; W.B.C. BROWN, Co. Clerk, Sacramento; Presley DUNLAP, lawyer, Sacramento; B.F. MOHUN, Deputy State Librarian, Sacramento.

For State Treasurer.
A. CORONEL, of Los Angeles, present incumbent; Alfred SPINKS, County Treasurer of Sacramento county; Otto KLOPPENBURG, County Treasurer of San Francisco, and Major Jose Ramon PICO, of San Francisco.

For State Printer.
D.W. GELWICKS, of El Dorado, present incumbent; Robert FERRAL, of Sonoma, editor of the Democrat; Matt. CARR, of San Francisco, formerly of the Marysville Express; W.A. JANUARY, of Santa Clara, editor of the Argus; H.C. PATRICK, of San Joaquin, editor of the Republican; Alex. MONTGOMERY of Mendocino, editor of the Democrat; W.M. PENRY, of Amador, editor of the Dispatch;--SAUNDERS, of Yolo, editor of the Democrat. We believe this list includes all who are candidates for the office of State Printer.

For State Controller.
Hon. Robert WATT, of Neveda, present incumbent; Joseph ROBERTS Jr., of Alameda, Secretary of the Senate; Hon. Geo. H. ROGERS, of San Francisco, Speaker of the Assembly; Hon. J.S. MOONEY, of Mono, Assemblyman; Hon. Frank SPAULDING, County Judge of Colusa.

Surveyor General.
John W. POST, present incumbent.

Attorney General.
Jo. HAMILTON, of Placer, present incumbent; W.S. MONTGOMERY, of San Joaquin, City Attorney of Stockton.

Clerk of the Supreme Court.
George SECKLE, of Tuolumne, present incumbent.

For State Harbor Commissioner.
Washington BARTLETT of San Francisco, present incumbent; W.S. WOODS, of Solano county; J.C. PENNIE, of San Francisco, Justice of the Peace.

The above are all the names we have heard named in connection with the offices mentioned. Doubtless there are others looking that way, so if we have made omissions we shall rectify them as soon as they are called to our notice.

Of the forgoing, of course, we have our choice for the several offices to be filled, and if they shall not be so fortunate as to be nominated, we are willing to endorse any gentlemen that the Convention may see proper to nominate as the standard bearers of the Democratic party in California.

We go upon the broad fact that any Democrat, in these trying times, is a better man to discharge the duties of a public office that a Republican-no matter what his qualifications may be.

A MAN SHOT.-A man by the name of DONLIN, an Irishman, was shot while riding in the woods between MCCLOUD'S ranch and his own place, on Sunday evening, January 22nd, 1871. The shot took effect on his right arm, the ball passing through the deltoid muscle, near the shoulder. He was brought into town by Mr. L.T. MUSICK, and Dr. WALKER dressed the wound. At last accounts the man was doing well.

Mr. DONLIN tells us that his suspicions rest upon a certain individual, now living in his neighborhood, with whom he had a difficulty a few days ago. The matter should be ferreted out.

PERSONAL.-We are glad to announce that our county has had the addition of four more staunch Democrats-Mr. L.T. MUSICK, his two sons and son in-law. Mr. MUSICK is from Lake county, in this State.-He will turn his attention to farming and stock raising. Mr. M. is well pleased with our county and intends to make it his future home-having bought out Mr. MCGREEL'S place in the Arroyo Grande. He was one of the most popular men in Lake county for his many good qualities and when the people will have known him here, he will be equally as popular. We wish Mr. M. success, and the people of this county may well congratulate themselves for the acquisition of such a valuable citizen.

THE STEAMER William Taber, put into our port, People's Landing, on last Friday, January 27th, bringing J.B. CHAMBLIN, Mrs. CLARK and child, Charles CLAYTON, Under Sheriff E.B. MORRIS and prisoner. She will be here on Tuesday or Wednesday on her way to San Francisco.

N.P.S. Co's Steamer Pacific put into our port on last Wednesday morning bringing Charles HAUB and wife and Mrs. S.L. PERRY, as passengers, and twenty tons of freight.

RETURNED.-Under Sheriff E.B. MORRIS returned on the William Taber yesterday, with Doc. STEWART who recently escaped from our county jail. STEWART was captured at Stockton.


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