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Description: The Year 1880 - Synopsis of Leading Items of Interest in this City and County

Date: January 6 1881

Synopsis of Leading Items of Interest in this City and County
An Interesting Chronological Record and a Good Thing to File Away

1st- New Year's Day; not may calls made; Guard's Fair closed...2nd- Reading at opera house by Miss Kate Irland; death of Mrs. Poinsett...5th- Death of James Graham...6th- Winter term of Parsons College opens; C.B. & Q. mortgage filed for $16,000 per mile...8th- Breaking open of Mr. Hanson's office, also of Elliott & Thompson's safe...9th- Bold attempt to burglarize Allen & Cos. store...10th- Election of board of directors of the County Agricultural Society...13th- Marriage of Lieutenant McCracken to Miss Anna Farmer...16th- Helen Potter Pleiades at the opera house; death of Bijah H. Huss from excessive use of intoxicating drink...17th- Explosion in coal mine at Perlee, three miners seriously injured...19th- Three insane persons sent to the asylum...20th- Marriage of Joseph R. McCracken and Miss Madge Hughes...22nd- List of jurors for special term of district court drawn...25th- J. Spears, a stranger here from Illinois, attempts to cut his throat in the Methodist church...31st- Death of Mary Phillips from diptheria, also death of little Nellie Crawford.

6th- Death of James Edwards from the effects of injuries received in the explosion in Perlee coal mine...12th- Strike of miners at Perlee...12th- Celebration of the thirtieth anniversary of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. James Eckert...13th- Henry Smith of Atlantic knocked down by three ruffians on the street-no attempt made to rob or otherwise molest him; E.J. Roth has a cloak stolen from the "form" in front of his store. Thieves enter the house of C. Gage and carry off several articles of bedding...16th- Big fire at Libertyville, loss $5,500, insurance $3,000; also fire in store of J. Morrison, of Merrimac, loss $4,000, insurance $2,500...18th- Frederick Funston seriously injured...20th- Robert Poinsett, of this city, has right hand crushed; postoffice entered about nine o'clock and three or four dollars taken; the creamery project a thing of the past...22nd- Edward Foreman, from near Lockridge, taken to Mt. Pleasant...24th- Special term of district court adjourns sine die; Elizabeth Cady Stanton at the opera house...26th- Marriage of J. A. Beck and Miss Etta McKesson; midnight disturbance by college boys...27th- Small fire at Robert Kaestner's smoke house...28th- Death of Geo. J. Fee, aged 86 years; big day in the county treasurer's office, over $10,000 being taken in.

1st- Election of city officers. D.R. McCracken re-elected mayor; the Keystone Concert Company at the opera house; J.M. Kirkpatrick, of Monmouth, addresses the blue ribbon club...2nd- Accidental death of George Shaffer; death of Mr. Carnes...4th- H.H. Fulton engages in the furniture business here; merchants begin to prepare for the spring trade; court in session...5th- Berger family at the opera house...8th- Judge Cook addressed blue ribbon meeting; election of school officers...9th- A light snow fell; butter scarce; Joe Jaques, four years old, falls and fractures right leg...12th- Seven month old child of Mr. and Mrs. Steel Bright died; R.H. Knight shot about ten o'clock at night while returning home from up town...15th- Last meeting of the old and first meeting of the new council...17th- Death of Mrs. Henry Wertz, sr...18th- Death of Mrs. P.H. Howlett...20th- Suicide of W.H. Davis; John Dillon at the opera house; delegates chosen to democratic convention at Burlington...22nd- Brewery partially burned, loss $300; Burton-Stanley at the opera house...23rd- Forty-fourth anniversary of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. T.D. Evans...28th- Rebekkah lodge I.O.O.F. first anniversary...30th- Meeting of school board. Resignation of Miss Grace Temple accepted; Wm. Dunlavy has an arm crushed by train of cars on the C.B. & Q. railroad...31st- Lloyd Bergen accidentally shoots himself but is not seriously hurt.

2nd- Death of Mrs. George Acheson...4th- First meeting of the Y.M.C.A. of Parsons College...10th- Death of Mr. Henry Rock; meeting of republican county convention; death of Mr. Nathan Johnson...14th- Opening of special term of circuit court...15th- Death of Mr. George Gobble at the age of 90 years; marriage of Mr. Charles A. Gallager, of Cincinnati and Miss Grace Temple, of this city...16th- Concert of the Fairfield Orchestra...18th- Terrible wind storm, a number of buildings unroofed, loss in the city from $800 to $1,000...20th- Semi-annual meeting of the Iowa Presbytery...28th- Odd Fellows' anniversary; meeting of the blue ribbon club...29th- Lecture of Hon. Daniel F. Miller at the college.

1st- A number of petty thefts reported; an old gentleman from near Glasgow swindled out of $500 by confidence men...2nd.- Rev. George P. Hays, D.D. preached at the Presbyterian church...11th- Death of Major Pierce; suicide of Wm. Groff...13th- Donavin's Original Tennesseeans at the opera house...14th- Lecture of Rev. George P. Hays on "Character and Manners;" Tay Dougherty takes an over dose of morphine which causes his death...15th- Death of Miss Mary E. Cunningham from consumption; preliminary examination of the freshman class...17th- A.T. Wells breaks his arm...24th- Robert Harper breaks his collar bone...25th- Cole's circus in town...28th- Death of Samuel Wheeler in the ninety-sixth year of his age...29th- Death of Fremont Fry of Libertyville...30th- Decoration day.

6th- Rev. T.D. Ewing preached in the Presbyterian church...9th- Death of Mrs. Isaac Montgomery...11th- Valedictory exercises of college societies held in college chapel; death of Mrs. David Pollock; foundations of cainboose laid...15th- Death of J.P. Mahatrey...16th- Commencement proper...17th- A son of John Higley fell and broke his arm...18th- Three prisoners escaped from the jail...22nd- Picnic on Cedar...23rd- H.G. Ross elected to fill Miss Julia Rodgers' place in union school...27th- A much needed shower fell...28th- Mrs. Nimrod Dwyer thrown from a wagon, but not seriously hurt...30th- Death of R.T. McCashlin

4th- Celebration at Libertyville, Perlee, and adjoining towns...7th- Ottumwa picnickers visit Fairfield...11th- Sudden death of Mrs. Robert Young...20th- Death of Miss Laura Mendenhall...21st- Fred Clark painfully, though not seriously, injured...22nd- Barnum's show in town...25th- Row between Frank Crosby, Johnson and Killoy...31st- Mrs. John A. Grimes fell and was severely injured.

2nd- Normal opened; Guy Templeton painfully injured...4th- Marriage of Mr. Fred Moore and Miss Anna Jones...7th- Democratic county convention...10th- M.F. Vance attacked at his house and injured...11th- A number of small burglaries in town...14th- Warmest day of the season...16th- E.B. Wall admitted to the bar...21st- Republican county convention...23rd- Fairfield picnickers disappointed; James Runyon died...24th- Twenty-fifth anniversary of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Wm Hedge...26th- Marriage of John H. Huston and Miss Etta Chase; Rev. Ewing accepts the pastorate of the Presbyterian church; death of Miss Lizzie Doud; reunion of the Odd Fellows.

2nd- Marriage of Mr. Edward Johnson and Miss Sadie Shaffer; Rutherford Hayes and party pass through the city; Potter Sisters at the opera house...6th- School opens; Jewish New Year...8th- Marriage of Mr. Charles Junkin and Miss Grace Slagle...10th- Twenty-fifth anniversary of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. John McElroy...11th- John Galvin seriously injured; death of Dr. W.W. Cottle...13th- Death of Samuel C. Farmer sr...14th- Rev. T.D. Ewing formally inducted into office...21st- The Daily Ledger came into existence...23rd- Oakes Brothers at the opera house; Presbyterian womans' missionary society at the Presbyterian church...28th- Death of Mr. and Mrs. S.K. West's infant child; soldier's reunion; death of P.C. Poulton.

3d- Baptist church concert...4th- Death of the Daily Ledger...5th- Fair commences...7th-Marriage of Cyrus Clapp and Miss Etta Alter; death of Miss Junia Rodgers...14th- Old Settlers' reunion...20th- Mrs. Malinda Templeton died...21st- Marriage of Dr. J.B. Monfort and Miss Effie Ramsey; The Daily Journal makes its first appearance...29th- Death of Mrs. Lucy C. Moore.

1st- A son of Mr. C.K. Simes, of County Line, commits suicide...2nd- Death of Wm. Enderly caused by falling between two cars; the election, the result in Jefferson county the usual republican victory, majorities ranging from 525 for R. Stephenson, for recorder to 717 for W.R. Lewis for judge...3d- District court convenes, Judge Burton presiding...9th- Monument to President Armstrong put in its place in the college campus...12th- Death of Mr. Samuel M. Wright...14th- Gussie Kritzler killed at Lockridge by being run over by a train of cars...16th- Sheriff Chester went to Ft. Madison with five prisoners; marriage of Mr. Joseph M. Whitham and Miss Anna Campbell...17th- Hackett's farewell entertainment; the Bergers at the opera house...22nd- Death of little Freddie Beatty; burglars in town...25th- Marriage of Dr. J.L. Myers and Miss Rachel Robinson...26th- An "Arabian Night" at the opera house...29th- Death in Lockridge of Mr. John P. Anderson.

1st- C.B.& Q. people move into their new quarters...2nd- Death of Mrs. Samuel Dickson...6th- Death of Mrs. Ann Hogan..9th- Alvin Joslin at the opera house...15th- Marriage of Mr. Thos. Griffith of Red Oak and Miss Mary Negus of this city...20th- Arlington's minstrels at the opera house...22nd- Charlie Collins run over by a train of cars and instantly killed; college closed...24th- Christmas trees at all the churches...2?th- Golden wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Speilman; Death of Ralph Waldo Emerson Bickford from consumption; exceedingly cold...

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