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The Fairfield Tribune
The Fairfield Tribune
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Description: General News

Date: July 22 1880

Or, the Beginning, the Union and the Ending, as Reported to Clerk Jaques for the Week Closing Monday, July 12th.

To Mr .and Mrs. Jas. E. Oard, Fairfield, June 20th-a daughter.
To Mr. and Mrs. William Steel, Abingdon, July 2nd- a son.
To Mr. and Mrs. John G. Oliver, Polk township, June 15th-a son.
To Mr. and Mrs. Marion Tracy, Brookville, June 28th-a daughter.
To Mr .and Mrs. Robert A. Johnson, Locust Grove township, July ___- a daughter.

At Abingdon, July 15th, by Jacob Myers, justice of the peace, T.B. Davis and Sarah M. Langford, both of Abingdon.
In Fairfield, July 20th, by M.S. Crawford, justice of the peace, Francis A. Byers, of Guthrie county, and Sybel DeWitt, of this county.

In Liberty township, July 3d, of consumption, Rhoda A. Davis, aged 35 years, 8 months and 27 days.
In Fairfield, July 11th, of heart disease, Mrs. Sarah E. Young, aged 58 years and 6 months.
In Des Moines township, July 12th, of hydrocephalous, _____ Bonnett, aged 9 months.
In Salina, July 13th, of typhoid fever, Victor C. Schurtz, aged 4 years, 7 months and 10 days.
In Round Prairie township, July 15th, of enter-colistis, Melisa J. Litton, aged 3 months and 10 days.
In Round Prairie township, July 15th, of diphtheria, Oscar A. Anderson, aged 6 years, 7 months and 19 days.


Pat Conner's fine Tuesday was $4.85. Drunk.

Jno. Duncan shipped a car load of fine horses to Minneapolis last Friday.

Clerk Jaques was elected captain of the Jefferson Guards last Friday night.

A Car-load of Demarce's sorgum mills went to Kansas City the other day.

Sampson & Acreson will take possession of Spencer Bros' restaurant August 15th.

Physicians say that there has been less sickness in Fairfield this season than for several years.

Prof. A.C. Potter, well-known in Fairfield, was married in Los Angeles, California, yesterday.

Librarian Wells was back at his old post Saturday night, his broken arm has nearly healed.

Mrs. Esther Stansbury, of Batavia, was taken Tuesday to the insane asylum at Mt. Pleasant by Sheriff Chester.

Dr. Stever, who recently opened a drug store on the south side, has a good assortment of drugs and patent medicines.

Five special policemen are on duty today--Benj. Mikesell, John Pointsett, Isaac Huffman, Wm. Richardson and Dan Mason.

Harry Wertz, who has been a tumbler in Sell's circus this season, returned home yesterday. The show has too many performers.

Dr. Montfort was admitted to full membership in the State Dental Society of Iowa at its annual meeting at Oskalooska last week.

Not a bushel of grain was stored in Jordan Bros' elevator last Tuesday. The building is now in readiness for the great harvest of 1880.

Two classes of the M.E. Sunday school with their teachers, Mrs. Thomas Bell and Mrs. T.Y. Lunch, enjoyed a picnic to Cedar yesterday.

An emigrant wagon containing three strapping young men passed through the other day, headed for the far West. On the canvass were roughly written these words, "Wanted, a female cook."

Lewis Kassa, a farmer living near Pleasant Plain, was horribly mangled by a mowing machine last Friday. The horses got frightened at something and ran away, throwing Mr. Kassa in front of the cutter-bar.

Mr. M.F. Vance, of this city, who has been running a restaurant at Winterset this summer, purchased last Saturday the First National restaurant, the property of E.J. Muir, and has taken possession of the establishment.

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