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The Fairfield Tribune
The Fairfield Tribune
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Description: General News

Date: January 3 1884

Synopsis of Local Events for 1883-
Cut it Out and File it Away for Future Reference

1st- News Years calls; social hop at the residence of Hon. D.P. Stubbs; marriage of Anna White, of this city and Charles Parchall, of Ann Arbor, Mich.; a cane presented to postmaster Burgess; meeting of board of supervisors...6th- Death of Mrs. Kendall, nee Miss Stella Bloss, at Clarinda...9th- Small blaze near C.B. & Q. depot...13th- New fairgrounds purchased...15th- Postmaster Hoffman entered on his duties...16th- Opera House purchased by the Odd Fellows...17th- Supreme court declared the Prohibition amendment unconstitutional.

2dn- Social hop at the residence of Hon. Edw. Campbell...6th- Spanish students at the opera house...12th- Wreck on C.B.&Q. near Agency City; anniversary of the thirty-third year of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. James Eckert...13th- Arbuckle concert...16th- Death of George Cook...28th- Ladies tea party at the residence of Mr. Geo. D. Temple; death of Mrs. Alex McCracken in Cambridge, Mass.

1st- Warm and balmy; proceedings instituted against the city by the gas company; waffle supper at the Presbyterian church...3d- Judge Cook of the sixth district, takes his seat in congress...5th- Harry Meredith at opera house...7th- Marriage of Samuel Light, of this city and Miss Edith McDill, of Afton...9th- High school declamatory contest, P.H. Howlett gives the members of the city government an oyster supper at T.C. Hurst's...10th- Banquet by the young ladies of the Congregational church at the residence of Mr. L.F. Wilson...19th- Oyster supper at Hurst's to the members of the city council by Mayor Cummings...22nd- Party at the residence of Mrs. Christian Shaffer...24th- Vegetables are coming into the Fairfield markets...27th- Marriage of Mariette Mitchell and F.M. Albaugh...28th- Sociable of Rebecca Lodge, I.O.O.F. at residence of Mr. and Mrs. O. Flowers...31st- Lecture at the Congregational church by Miss Alice Walton, of Muscatine, on Entomology.

1st- New time card on the "Q"...5th- Owl shot on the tower...9th- City schools open with an enrollment of 596 pupils...10th- Death of Col. James Thompson...12th- Marriage of Miss Anna Eckert and Mr. Charles Okell, of Ft. Madison...14th- A severe cyclone passed over the city...16th- Madame Fry at the opera house...18th- The fiftieth anniversary of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. R.H. Leggett...19th- Potter sisters at the opera house...21st- An unsuccessful attempt to rob Beck's store...23d- Marriage of R.A. Tuttle and Miss Amelia Stewart...24th- Concert by the Congregational choir; celebration of the twenty-third anniversary of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. John A. Spielman...25th- Marriage of E.A. Howard and Miss Mary Lamson...28th- South half of the east side of the square destroyed by fire...29th- Robbery of the residence of Levi Howard.

1st- Ice cream festival in Presbyterian church...3d- Marriage of James Crai? and Miss Hattie Tomy...7th- Purchase of Higley & Hampson's drug store by D.G. Higley...8th- Organization of a Woman's Christian Temperance Union; suicide of Isadore Altemus; death of Col. J. Culbertson...9th- Episcopal sociable at the residence of Mrs. John R. Shaffer; electric tower blows down...10th- Fresh strawberries in market...12th- First case of small pox in the city...14th- New bell at M.E. church put in position; suicide of Isaac L. Coen...19th- Death of Sadie Scott...20th- Frost last night...29th- Dinner party at the residence of C.W. Gage...30th- Decoration day...31st- The Elzevir Society gave an entertainment in the College Chapel.

1st- Graduation exercises of the class of '83 in the high school; first appearance of the Forest City Times...3d- Death of A.G. Scrantom...6th- Frank Boyd accidentally shoots himself...8th- Death of the first small pox patient...10th- Lecture at the Methodist church by Mrs. Aldrich of Cedar Rapids...11th- A severe storm does considerable damage...12th- Mass temperance meeting at the court house...28th- Marriage of Harry Booker and Alice Blair; collision on the "Q"; sudden death of little Geo. Wilson.

4th- A heavy rain...7th- Mass convention of the greenbackers at the court house...9th- Work begun on the new Stubbs building...19th- Serious illness of Mrs. S.K. West...22d- New time table on the Rock Island.

1st- James A. Beck takes possession of the Leggett House...2nd- A picnic to Whitfield...13th- Annual encampment of the I.N.G. commenced...14th- Death of Louis Young...19th- Ordination of Paul Bergen, a missionary to China...21st- Tea party at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. R.J. Wilson...27th- Slight blaze at the Foot Rest factory...28th- S.H. Barrett's circus...29th- Wedding of Ed Hamilton and Kate Bigelow...31st- Drawing of the Agassiz silk quilt.

2d- Union school opens...8th- Picnic to Des Moines river...13th- Marriage of Jo. F. Farmer and Nellie McElroy...16th- death of M.F. Pumphrey...20th- Joseph Ricksher elected alderman from the second ward...26th- Old Settlers' Day.

5th- Death of Mrs. J. Freeman...9th- Election day; W.C.T.U. dinner; death of Mrs. Wilson, aged 80 years...11th- Contract let for the erection of the water works...18th- Annual hunt of Fairfield sportsmen...19th- Last issue of the Forest City Times; electric tower lighten again...31st- Hollow-e'en and the mischievous boys.

6th- Sale of the Davis House...19th- Meeting of the Chautauqua club at the residence of Mrs. J.R. Shaffer; oyster supper in Myers' building by the Elezevir Society...20th- Death of Gen. A.C. Dodge...21st- Marriage of J.C. Howe of Fairfield, Nebraska and Mollie Barr of this city...28th- Union school closes...29th- Knights of Pythias Ball at the opera house.

4th- High school sociable...6th- Band concert; raining...7th- Paul Szoledi killed on the C.B. & Q...9th- Death of Mrs. A.B. Scott...11th- Fifth anniversary of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. W. Matthews; marriage of W.C. Godfrey of Taunton, Mass. and Jennie McDonald of this city...13th- Marriage of Dr. A.O. Faulkner and Jennie Van Dorin...15th- Several inches of snow...18th- Wreck on the C.B. & Q...25th- Christmas ; marriage of W.F. Rollins and Miss Helen Ratcliff and Harry Ratcliff and Miss Ida White; marriage of Mr .Lord and Miss Alice Collins...27th- Social hop in opera house; marriage of Charles Barnett and Alice Higgins.


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