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Description: Farmer Ground to Pieces ...

Date: May 17 1906

Farmer Ground to Pieces

L. Leet, aged 65, a prominent farmer, was ground to pieces on the Milwaukee track at Postville while driving across the track.


"Tut" the sorrel-topped scribe of the Postville Review, has seen it, and this is what he says about it: "The latest style in female headgear is a hundingarinous. It looks like a straw-stack hammered till the peak hit the ground and the sides flared up all around; then it looked so like thunger the inventor hit is akick in the backsides, to make it rare up, and dropped dead. Dame Fashion picked it up, put on a few posies, a raft of ribbon and a flummydiddle or two, labeled it 'made in Paris' priced it at fourteen plunks, and the thing goes. It's awful, but it's style."

South Richland.

-Wm. Campbell and daughter, Mrs. E.E. Tucker, drove to Alta Vista Saturday, returning home Sunday. His sister, Miss Nan Campbell, and Amie Beaty, returned home with them for a few weeks visit with relatives.

-Rev. Hubbell, of Edgewood, will preach in the Greenwood school house May 20, at 11 o'clock a.m. and in the evening.

-A number of the young folks attended the dance at Frederika Friday evening.

-Mrs. O.H. Dunlap and children, Edith and Lee, visited at Will Tucker's Sunday evening.

-The Ladies' Aid Society will meet with Mrs. Anna Kimball Thursday, May 17.

-Miss Sarah Hicks visited her sister, Lizzie, Saturday.

-The Ladies' Guild Society met with Mrs. J.M. Dunlap Thursday. There was a large turnout and a very enjoyable day was spent. They will meet with Mrs. M.A. Saddler next week.

-Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Laird visited her parents Sunday.


-Mike Farrell, one of the pioneer residents of Riverton, is dangerously ill at his home in Nashua.

-Mr. and Mrs. Geo. H. Todd left for Galena, Ill. Saturday evening, where they were called by the serious illness of her father.

-Miss Marza Roet was in Nashua Saturday afternoon.

-Mrs. Ellis Shoup and family leave on Wednesday for Moore, S.D., where they will make their future home.

-Walter Forthem was a Riverton visitor Monday.

-Miss Anna Haubemann spent Monday afternoon with Miss Lida Todd.

-Wm Fritzie was a South Riverton caller Monday.


-Miss Kathryn Strike is staying at J.W. Pierc's helping care for her grandmother, Mrs. Harriet Cory, who is sick.

-Dr. Horton, of Nashua, was in Republic Monday.

-Elmer Eckenrode, Lew Knapp and Willie Pierce delivered hogs at New Hampton Monday.

-J.W. Pierce sold a windmill and tank to E. Kimball Monday.

-Charley Wedemeyer, Jr. and wife visited at Mr. Hoehne's (or Boehne's) of Dayton Sunday.

-Joe West and family visited relatives in Dayton Sunday.

-Mrs. Carrie Cory who has been very sick is some better.

-Mr. Wedemayer St. is having his buildings repainted, which adds greatly to their appearance.

-E. Kimball is painting his house -- a much needed improvement.


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