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Nashua Reporter
Nashua Reporter
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Description: At Postville on Monday ...

Date: March 28 1901

At Postville on Monday, Irene Thiese, the 11-year-old daughter of Henry Thiese, while returning home from school shortly after 12o'clock was run over by an accomodation train on the C.M. & St.P. road east bound. The engineer, as the train approached the crossing, called to the child not to cross, but she did not heed the warning and was run down. Her right leg was severed near the hip and her body was badly mangled. She lived an hour and a half and suffered great agony. -- Elkader Register.

A telephone message from Monona relates of a sad accident that happened Sunday afternoon about 2 o'clock. Mr. and Mrs. James Campbell, of Monona were returning from Volney, and while driving along the side of Yellow River an ice gorge suddenly broke and the rush of ice knocked the team, buggy, and occupants into the torrent. Mr. Campbell endeavored to catch his wife and caught her shawl when she was dragged from him and swept away. Searching parties have been out since and found the bodies of the horses some two miles below the scene of the disaster, but up to Wednesday morning the body of Mrs. Campbell had not been found, although her veil and rubbers were. Mr. Campbell is marshal of MOnona, and has been married only one year. Mrs. Campbell having been a Miss Jenkins. -- Elkader Register.

Farms for Sale.

-The Geo. runyan farm of 138 acres, 2 miles NE of Republic, 5 miles from Ionia and 6 miles from Nashua

- The Abei Peterson farm of 250 acres 1 mile N of DeNovelles house; good buildings, fine fome, $1,000 worth of timber on farm: will take an 80-acre farm in part payment. This farm is worth $60 per acre but can be bought at $57.

Town Property for Sale.

- The C.A. Moody lot.

- The Geo. Waite place, block west of postoffice. This lot has an 8-rod front. Lots of room for 2 houses.

- The Mack Waite place in south end of town: house, barn & two lots, $525.

- The O.L. Bullen place, south part of twn, good house, barn, well and cistern. Price $850.

- Wm. Winklebleck house and lot in NW part of town. For sale cheap.

- A.E. Quaife place in Brooklyn: one acre of land, fine new house, barn, corn crib, granary, etc.

- G.T. Greeley property, in the west part of town: 20 building lots

- The Chas. Shirk house and 4 lots in the south part of town. The house is nearly new.

- The Z.P. Mitchell place now occupied by G.B. Wood. 1 1/2 lots, fair house, barn nearly new. Good well and cistern. Close to business.


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