The Idaho Post
The Idaho Post
Contributed by Kathleen Peck Probasco

Date: January 11 1918

Newspaper published in: Moscow, Idaho

Source: University of Idaho Library

The funeral services of Martin Anderson, who died at the home of his son in Clarkston, Saturday [January 5], was held from the Methodist church, Wednesday afternoon, the services being in charge of Rev. H.O. Perry. Interment in the Moscow cemetery beside the wife of Mr. Anderson, who died some two years ago. The Andersons were for years residents of this county and were well known to many of our citizens.


Harvard--Miss Mary Brock and Marvel S. Thompson, both popular young people of this locality, were united in marriage in Spokane New Years day.


G.C. Prestrud, assistant cashier of the State Bank of this city, was married during the holidays to Miss Jean Porter of Seattle. Following a wedding trip to various cities of the coast Mr. and Mrs. Prestrud have established their home in this city.


Martin Mickey passed away at the home of his daughter, Mrs. H.D. VanTillburg, in this city Wednesday [January 9], aged 89 years, 3 months and 5 days. Mr. Mickey was native of Pennsylvania, being born in Lancaster county in 1828. Mrs. Mickey died about five years ago. During his active life Mr. Mickey followed his trade, blacksmithing and was an unusually fine workman. During his long life he resided in Ohio, Iowa and Kansas, the greater part of his life being spent in the last named state. About seven years ago he came to this city to live with his children, three out of eight living, being residents of Moscow. Mrs. VanTillborg [sic], Miss Sarah Mickey and D.H. Mickey.

Mr. Mickey was a man of very fine character, a member of long standing of the United Brethren church, held in high esteem by those privileged to know him. For many years he had lived with the world shut out, having lost his sight, but although so advanced in years was always able to go about until the last year of life.

The funeral services were held from the home of Mr. and Mrs. VanTillburg, Thursday afternoon, conducted by Reverends Hare and Perry.


Word came to friends in this city Wednesday [January 9] of the death of Lloyd Ellington, at the officeers training school at Camp Funston, Kansas. The cause of death was pneumonia.

Mr. Ellington was a graduate of the University of Idaho of the class of 1916. Since graduation he had been connected with the Federal Mining and Smelting company of Wallace. At the time of the examination for entrance to the officers training school in December he came to Moscow for that purpose and was one of the number certified by Lieutenant Felker. Mr. Ellington was a brother of Professor E.V. Ellington, for a number of years the head of the dairy department of the university, now with the agricultural department at Washington, D.C.


Joseph Kambitsch, who recently died at his home near Genesee, and who, prior to his death asked the neighbors to bring to his bedside a strong box, the whereabouts he disclosed to them, and which was filled with the savings of the owner, left his property by a will to an only child, a daughter, Josephine Kambitsch.

The will, which has been filed in the office of the clerk of the probate court for proving and admittance to record, names a brother of the deceased, Matt Cambitsch [sic], as executor. By the terms of the will $200 is bequeathed to Mary Kambitsch a sister-in-law, and $150 to Matt Kambitsch, the brother, the residue of the estate is bequeathed to the daughter named, with the condition that in case she marries she is prohibited from disposing or encumbering the real estate. In case of her death with issue, the property reverts to the four brothers of the deceased. The estimate of personal property is $9,000 and of the real estate $16,000.

The last will and testament of William H. Griner, who died recently at his home in the northwestern part of the county, was filed for probate and record the 14th. R.V. Wood is named as executor. The heirs are George Griner, Tekoa, Louisa M. Yarbaugh, Galata, Montana, Susie Griner Wood, and Mrs. Etta Duncan of Clearwater, Idaho.

The will of David Notman has been filed for probate and record. The petition asking for the probate of the will asks that H.J. Bottjer of Potlatch, be appointed as administrator of the estate with the will annexed. The will was executed in 1910, and bequeaths to Michael C. Freeze 160 acres of land in the Deep Creek neighborhood, $500 to Deep Creek Union Church, $500 to the Deep Creek Cemetery association, and the balance of cash on hand to the Columbia River Conference of the Methodist church. The amount of moneys given as on hand is $12,000. David Notman was one of the pioneers of this county and state. His father's family came to the Deep Creek country in the early 70's. He was the last member of his family and for years had made his home with the legatee named, Michael C. Freeze. During the past several years Mr. Freeze and family and Mr. Notman resided at Los Angeles, California, where Mr. Notman died the past month.


Linville--Born, to J.W. Brigham and wife, January 10, a son.


The will of Nancy Johnson was admitted to probate and record on the 23rd inst.

Order for the final distribution of the assets of the estate of Theodore Jutte, deceased, has been signed. The property, in Genesee, goes to the widow, Mrs. Rosa Jutte.

Decree of distribution in the matter of the estate of Emma Anderson deceased, has been signed. The property, 13 acres of land adjoining the town of Moscow, goes to the widower of the deceased, G.W. Anderson.

The distribution of the assets of the estate of Louise Carbuhn, deceased, has been ordered by the court. The estate which is quite large, consisting of moneys and realty, in this state and Washington, goes under the provisions of the will to the children of the deceased.

Order of the discharge of the administratrix, Annie Kinney, of the estate of Walter Kinney, has been signed.

The will of the late Joseph Kambitsch was proven Thursday and admitted to probate and record.

Thursday the petition of Emma Luders, praying for the appointment of Gustav D. Rosenau as the administrator of the estate of Henry C. Luders, deceased, as filed.


Cora--Your correspondent forgot to inquire the sex and date of arrival of the new member of the Martin Anderson family. Suffice it to say there was no lack of welcome. They are living on the Wolverton homestead which now is the property of Dr. Clark of Moscow.

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