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The Idaho Post
The Idaho Post
Contributed by Kathleen Peck Probasco

Date: March 1 1918

Newspaper published in: Moscow, Idaho

Source: University of Idaho Library

Townsman Charles Holt was 79 years young yesterday, and that the occasion of so many years of youth be properly observed he invited a score or more of friends to spend the evening at his home on Jackson street.

It is not possible to give an account of the enjoyment of the occasion but there is no doubt of the success of the function in all respects.

Mr. Holt came to Moscow before Moscow existed. He has lived in the home on Jackson for more than a third of a century. Prior to settling in Moscow he had homesteaded in this county. All this would seem to take all the years that he has lived but not so. Before coming to the great wild and wooly northwest he had done his part in putting down the rebellion. Grew to manhood in Massachusetts, emigrated to Wisconsin and many other activities that time will not permit relating.

It is only in the past few years that this veteran has not taken an active part in the business with which he has been connected for many years, the Cold Storage Market. During the past few months Mr. Holt has been chafing because of the restraint imposed by winter weather. He is impatient to get out in his car and visit distant parts of the county as has been his practice for many years.

The many friends of this pioneer wish him years of hearty enjoyment of life.


Marriage licenses: Tolbert E. Gehrett of Moscow and Tressie A. Cole, Manicola, Wash.; Ralph Headrick, Moscow and Merle Leininger, Hood River, Oregon.


The following letter from Mr. M.L. Condon, Comptroller, University of Washington, relative to the death of Miss Rausch, who had so prominent a place on the program of Housekeepers' week, will be of interest to the many warm friends she made while here:

"It pains me to write that Professor Mary F. Rausch passed away this morning after an operation for the removal of an ulcerated section of the stomach. You may be surprised at my writing you this note, but immediately upon Miss Rausch's return from Moscow I spent an hour with her in which she brought many messages from our many friends there. The genuineness of her reception there appealed to her whole-souled heart in a way that caused her to make a most glowing report. The poor woman was suffering all the time she was in Moscow, and the doctors say that had she stopped work weeks ago, and given the matter proper attention, her life might have been saved.

"She was one of the most untiring workers I have ever known. Her passing certainly calls for a star in the university's service flag."

Submitted: 12/22/05

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