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Postville Review
Postville Review
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Description: For sale one span of mules and one colt...

Date: November 5 1873

For sale one span of mules and one colt. The mules are six years old and the colt four years old. G.N. BALDWIN, Frankville.

The Burlington & Cedar Rapids train fan off the track near West Union, last Friday morning. Mr. H. ROBERTS and E. RAGEN lost about twenty horses in the smash-up. No one hurt.

Mr. and Mrs. McLEERY, from Onawa [name of town is very unclear] city of this state, arrived in Postville last night. Mrs. McLEERY (who was Mrs. CROUCH) is welcomed back by many friends and relatives. We hope their visit will prove a pleasant one.

For sale. The property owned by Mrs. MITCHELL, known as the HENDRICK property, is offered for sale at a bargain, two good houses and two 'uts, it is indeed in a most desirable location.

Sudden death. Saturday morning last, Mrs. Ann MATHIS, in Winsor [or Vinsor] township, died very suddenly. Her husband had risen and built the fire and, returning to the bed to call her, he found her dead. We could learn no other particulars. -- from the West Union Gazette.

A Norwegian named Andrew Bjarneson MOLSTER, aged 32 years, was run over and killed by the cars at Conover, at about half-past four o'clock. The circumstances as given us by Coroner FERREN, who was called to hold an inquest on Wednesday, are these: Deceased was intoxicated and got on the Decorah train at Convoer, but behaved so that Conductor JAMISON was compelled to put him off. Freight Train No. 10 was standing at the depot, after the Decorah train left, commenced switching. MOLSTER began running after these cars, crying out "Decorah" and seemed crazy drunk. He endeavored to climb upon the cars, Mr. PRICE, who was [illegible] the switch, jumped and tried to pull him off the track, but could not. He was struck on the shoulder by the cars and narrowly escaped severe injury. MOLSTER was knocked down and seven of the cars passed over his body. He was almost literally cut in two. The deceased came to this country last spring and has a cousin living in the north part of the country and one in Chicago. With these exceptions it is not known that he had any relatives. From the Decorah Republican.

Henry EARNEST, a man of 70 years, resided five miles west of Ridgeway. His wife and one son lived with him. On Sunday last, while the son was absent at his farm and the wife was visiting, the old man hung himself to the stairs. The absent ones returned about dark and found him dead. No cause for the act is known except general depression of spirit. From the Decorah Republican.


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