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Postville Review
Postville Review
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Description: J.S. Green, M.D., physician, surgeon and dentist...

Date: March 19 1873

J.S. GREEN, M.D., physician, surgeon and dentist. Extracted and repaired teeth. Office, over L. POESCH's store, first door west of the National Hotel. Postville.

A.R. PRESCOTT & C.H. EASTON. Agricultural implements, stoves & tinware, iron, steel, cutlery, mechanic's tools, carriage & wagon material, blacksmith's goods, coal, cement, putty, white lead, oil and Port Byron white lime.

Charles J. PETERS. Mammoth Colored Fashion Plates.

Mrs. E. SCHMITZ. The City Millinery Store.

For sale, the whole entire property, consisting of the National Hotel, the livery stable and the lots they stand on. Postville, Iowa -- also -- Two hundred and forty acres of good land, in Winnabago Co., Iowa -- all for-- ten thousand dollars. Apply to C. VAN HOOSER, National Hotel. Postville.

We are pleased to read among the local items of the Decorah Ventilator of last week, of the promising success that awaits that already live paper. The late P.M. of Cresco, Hon. W.N. BURDICK, Ex-editor of the Cresco Times, has purchased a half interest of the Ventilator office and will take possession of the Sanctum about the first of April, where he may be found the greater part of his time. C.W. HAISLET, who is one of the liveliest business men in Northern Iowa, will attend to the outside work, and will frequently visit the neighboring towns.

One of the best donations that was ever gotten up, was held at the M.E. Church at this place, on Tuesday Eve, March 4th for the benefit of the Pastor, Rev. G.L. GARRISON. The receipts amounting to about $80,000. It was a grand time indeed. Everything was done that could be done to make it a success. The supper in our opinion could not have been better, and the music that was produced by the Postville Brass Band was first-class.

The new church was dedicated on February 16,1873.

The entertainment that will be given by the Postville Glee Club tomorrow evening, will be of a high order of excellence. The Programme being an excellent one, and their rehearsals have been managed so carefully by the manager, Mr. E.J. FERRY that its rendition cannot fail. Mr. FERRY is a violinist of remarkable skill, and wil add very materially to the interest of the entertainment.

[this article was nearly illegible]...A.C. RIPLEY, in his matchless.....of the character, of "Gumption....

and "Phineas Fletcher." Mr. W. Met?gle in his faultless personation of the...peranuated old gallant, "Deacon Perry." Mrs. E.J. FERRY was perfection itself, in the difficult role of the wicked "Topsy," and Miss Lutie SHULTIS demonstrated her right to a place among the greatest 'Evas' of the stage. Mr. S.S. POWERS was a complete sucess in the character of the brutal and conscience stricken "Legree." Half past twelve found the party again upon the road, and were soon safely landed at the Postville depot.

March 16, 23 & 30.

Class No. 1, Mrs. BURHANS, teacher.....16

Class No. 2, Mrs. MOTT, teacher........ 7

Class No. 3, Miss BABCOCK, teacher..... 8

Class No. 4, Mrs. STAFFORD, teacher.... 7

Class No. 5, Mrs. BARNES, teacher...... 5

Class No. 6, Mrs. EASTON, teacher......21

Class No. 7, Mrs. ?....................2?

S.B. FINNEY, superintendent

Mrs. POWERS, asst. superintendant

H.E. BABCOCK,Sect'y Treas.

H.J. BEEDY, librarian.


At the residence of the bride, at Postville, Iowa, by the Rev. SMITH, assisted by Rev. GARRISON, Mr. [F.or E.] BRIGHAM, of Decorah, and Miss Annie WHOLLEY of this place. The Review office, and scores of their friends, both at this place and Decorah, join in wishing them a long and prosperous life.

At the M.E. Parsonage, in Postville, Iowa, March 11th, '73, by the Rev. GARRISON, Mr. [?Arthur or ?Archie] WHEELER, of Frankville tp and Miss Delilah CLARK, of Postville. May peace and happiness be theirs.

If you ever go to Decorah and want to smoke one of the best cigars you ever put up to your face, and at the same time deal with the best and most accommodating man in the city, go to Melvin BENEDICT'S, and if he is not htere you will find his gentlemanly assistant Mr. Thomas BRIGHAM who quite recently made a lasting impression in this place.

Printers. If you want to start in the newspaper business and desire to get a good office dirt cheap, drop a line to G.W. HAISLET, of the Decorah Ventilator, who offers for sale on the very best of terms a complete out-fit for a country newspaper, the material is what was used in printing the McGregor Age, as good as new.

Mr. S.S. BLANCHER is pushing to completion the building belonging to Mr. P. BEUCHER, which is to be occupied by Mr. J.K. PHILLIPS, and used as a Barber Shop and Restaurant.


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