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Postville Review
Postville Review
Contributed by Iowa_Archives

Description: During the past week we have received calls...

Date: June 11 1873

During the past week we have received calls from the following gentlemen. Mr. McNUTT of Dorchester, Mr. H. PERSON of Waukon and Mr. W.H. INGALLS of Clermont.

Mr.McCLINTOCK, JR, editor of the Fayette Co. Union and Mr. WEAVER, one of the good printers of that place, placed us under obligations for a pleasant call last week. Come again gentlemen, you're always welcome.

Notice is hereby given that a copartnership has this day been formed under the firm name of STILES, HEART & McDONALD, for the purpose of carrying on a general Banking, Exchange, Real Estate and Collection business. Signed, N.W. STILES, A. HEART, D. McDONALD.


"A" class, Judson ROE, Willie DARLING, Freddie HAINES, Stevie SPOE, Johnie MOTT, Leon KUHLMAN.
"B" class, Melissa REED, Bennie WELLS, Hattie CLARK.

By A.C. RIPLEY, principle.

Lumber yard. J.S. MOTT, proprietor.

On Wednesday, last, the driver of the Waukon stage attempted to drive his team across Yellow River near Myron, when he, his team and Mrs. L. HOPPAS, of this place came near being drowned. Mrs. HOPPAS would in all likelyhood have drowned if people living near hadn't came to her rescue.


The Mason City Republican of May 29th, speaks in the following manner of the subject of notice:

Frank TEABOUT, of Frankville, in Winneshiek county, passed through our city on Tuesday last with one hundred head of cattle, bound for his farm of 2,000 acres in Clay and O'Brien counties. Mr. T. has a farm of 2,500 acres lying near Frankville, on the line of Allamakee and Winneshiek counties, the farm being in both. Mr. T. is one of the most extensive stock farmers in Iowa and his plan of operations may be interesting and constructive to our readers. It is this: He goes where land is cheap in some promising part of the country and buys a tract of land, say 1,000 acres at $3 or $4 an acre. This he at once has broken. He takes stock with him sufficient to eat up the corn that can be raised from the land. The cattle pasture in summer, and in winter are fed from the farm. He keeps a sufficient number of hogs to do scavenger duty after the cattle. The cattle pay all the expenses of breaking, crops, taxes, and other expenses, and he has the rise in the land for profit. Five years at least, in his experience of many years, brings $3 an acre up to a valuation of $18 to $20. Mr. TEABOUT was formerly a sea captain, one of the roughest in his class. He now nearly supports one church. Successful on the sea, he has been more successful on land, and beats "land-lubbers" in all his speculations as a "landsman".



Yesterday afternoon W.F. FULLER and Ella CLARK were made one by Rev. W.H. BROCKSTONE, at the residence of Sila DAYTON. The happy pair and minister are residents of Cresco, but Mr. BROCKSTONE being here to fill Mr. CASEBEER's pulpit.

One of the students of the Lutheran College, was drowned this afternoon. His name is Ole NIESTE and he is about 17 years of age. He, with others, were in bathing when NIESTE came running down the bank into the river, and going beyond his depth, was drowned. It is supposed he was taken with a cramp.

The M.E.S.S. picnic was a perfect success. Over 50 teams "rattled our bones over the stones" in grand style. The Cornet Band led the pleasure seekers from town to a grove on the Canoe, where they joined the Bluffton school, and for a few hours the children improved the time by eating, swinging and singing. Some of the ladies who drove their own teams indulged in a little harmless horse-racing on the way home, which made the ride a lively one.

The protest which appeared in last weeks Republican in the interest of the defence in the WURZER brutality case, displayed the fact that there are men that can be bought even in the County of Winneshiek. But Chas. MEYER one of the signers to the protest, found that one of the commissioners of the insane at least had money enough.


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