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Postville Review
Postville Review
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Date: July 23 1873


Mr. L. HAINES has the best garden we have seen in Postville.

Mr. CALENDER, of Elgin, has been engaged by the School Board, to take charge next term.

Mr. C. VanHOOSER of the National Hotel, lost a watch last Saturday afternoon, is supposed to have dropped from his pocket. Anyone finding the watch please make it known.

A slight runaway occurred near STEVENSON's corner Tuesday eve., no one injured.

John MOIR, our postmaster, sells groceries right down to bottom prices.

A new arrival in town, a little girl at Mr. J.K. PHILLIP's. Mother and child doing well.

When you go to Clermont, go and see Ole PAULSON.

Mr. EASTON, of Decorah, of the firm of DUFFIN & EASTON is in town visiting relatives and friends.

Our Decorah correspondent has not put in an appearance this week, DIAMOND is on a visit in Minnesota.

Rev. C.A. MARSHALL of Cresco, will preach at the Congregational Church next Sabbath morning and evening. Go.
The Clayton County Journal of last week contained the following:

It gives us unexpressible pain to be called to record, this (Thursday) evening, the death, by drowning, of Lizzie EARHARDT and Mary SHAW, the former aged abut 14, and the latter about 11 years. The former was the daughter of the well known Wm. EARHARDT and the latter of Abram SHAW. They were drowned while bathing, about a half a mile below the dam, about 7 o'clock. They were seen struggling in the water by Mrs. BIGELOW and several other parties from a short distance, but were supposed to be playing. Henry HORN seems first to have discovered the true situation, and rustled in to rescue them, but was too late. The bodies were taken out very soon, but all efforts at resuscitation failed. The girls were greatly beloved by their mates, and the parents have the warmest sympathy of the entire village in this terrible affliction. A little daughter of Mr. WALSER was with the bathers and narrowly escaped.

We will endeavor to give a more complete account of the accident that occurred to our friend and townsman Mr. Wallace SAWYER, last week. It appears that he was in the field where his brother was engaged in mowing, and that he stepped in front of the mower to remove some obstruction, when the team suddenly started, and before he could get out of the way he came in contact with the sickle which fearfully mangled his left ankle, and for some distance above and below the joint, tearing away considerable portions of bone and flesh and more than half severing the foot. He was half a mile from home at the time of the occurrence, and lost considerable blood before he could be conveyed to the house. Surgical aid was summoned with all haste, when it was made apparant that amputation must be perfomed. The operation was performed by Dr. BROWN, of Postville, being assisted by Dr. SCOTT of Monona. We learn that since the operation he has done remarkably well. The sympathics of many friends are with Mr. SAWYER in his affliction, and we hope soon to see him around.

As we go to press we are informed that W.G. SAWYER is doing well and are glad to inform our readers he is out of danger.

The Burlington road, at a point some two or three miles west of Postville, was on the 19th inst. the scene of an accident which resulted fatally to a young man named Iver ANDERSON, a section hand upon the road. He was trying to get upon a flat car while the car was in motion, and was thrown beneath the train crushing his right foot and thigh. He was conveyed to his home in Postville, [remainder cut off]


We were not aware of the existence of a sugar manufactory in Northern Iowa, until yesterday, as we passed the big store of KIMBALL & MERRILL we saw something that looked very much like it, there were some thirty barrels of different grades of sugar in and about the doorway. We gladly noticed that they were selling eleven pounds for $1.00.


Dr. HINKLEY presented to G.E. DIBBLE the best boy baby that he has had on his hands for some time. George demonstrated the fact of his being perfectly satisfied by calling all of us smokers into DENNIS's and treating us to his choicest cigars. Do so again George.

On Sunday last, Maurice CAHALIN hitched up his young team and started for church with his wife, daugher and son, when a short distance from home a young lady wishing to ride ran towards them with her parasol open, at which the horses became frightened and unmanageable, running away and throwing them all out breaking both arms of Mr. CAHALIN in a number of places, and cutting an ugly gash in Mrs. CAHALIN's head. The boy and girl are both hurt, but to what extentis impossible to tell at present. Mr. CAHALIN is brother of John CAHALIN that was killed last fall by falling off the rock cut in Clermont while on his way home in the evening, and father of Mrs. FITZGERALD, who died a short time since. Mr. CAHALIN and family have the sympathy of all their acquaintances, who, I hope, will not let their crops suffer for want of harvesters while they are prostrated by this misfortune.


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